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Imperial Morning'c Black garlic Essences

High content of SOD to remove the free radicals in the body meet a nice black garlic contained the S-aryl Stein.

Prolonged fermentation and aging with fresh garlic and black garlic is unlike unique jageukchwi as well aw almost none, It also finds a scent that causes the appetite.

With out the use of additives at all certain temperature, which is peculiar smell garlic black garlic ingredient called allicin that is generated by the self-fermentation humidity unlike fresh garlic sweet and sour've become concerned about unpleasant odors disappear and the body's absorption rate incerases.

The efficacy of Black garlic
Black garlic is nearly 10 times higher nutrients than regular garlic.
High SOD content of removing free radicals, because it is not in the S-aryl Stein fresh garlic. In addition, protein, vitamins, allicin, potassium, organic germanium, selenium, cysteine, methionine, etc.
We can contain a large amount of good nutrients for the body.

The type of food-Tea/liquid tea

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