Wood Utility Box

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Interior items that block multi-tap lines from view
Interior items that block multi-tap lines from view

Product Description

Still got tangled wires in it.

Do you use the multi-tap?

a lot of electronic devices that are indispensable.
Cell phone, iPad, iPod, etc.
There's so much to charge.

The interior is neat and tidy.
I get stressed every time I see those wires sticking out.

I think it's a very sensible item.
It's got five outlets.
Keep all the dirty fillers here.

Put all the wires in here and make a neat interior.

1. There is a risk of fire if the wire is bent too much.
2. Multi-tap recommends using products below 25CM (4 to 5)
3. Wooden tops may have some ong marks due to their wood material properties, which is natural.
4. Plastic is a glossy material that can cause small scratches in the process.

Important information

How to use Interior items that block multi-tap lines from view
Material Wood, Plastic
Composition Cover and Body
Handling Precautions N/A
Manufacturer sweetpick
Quality Assurance Standards N/A
Other N/A

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