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BABA-9701 is push pull handle type smart lock that works with fingerprint, card, password and mechanical key opening functions. Up to 100 fingerprint, 50 cards can be registered. Anti-shake and anti-flow patented product. Double lock, external double lock, internal double lock, one-time password, low-battery alarm, intrusion alarm, fire alarm and evacuation deployment, sound alarm, imaginary password, individual fingerprint and card registration mode, auto/manual lock mode, sound control, double authentication mode, password security prevention, manner mode and password change authentication functions are enabled to make smart lock more secure and convenient. Works with 8 alkaline batteries which will be used up to 8-10 months. KS and KC (Korean standard) quality assurances are provided

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World Best!

“Digital door locks that keep the door safe, unshaken.”
Shaky doors…
Noise coming from the outside…
Drafts coming through the door crevice…
Anxiety about intruders…

Now! you don’t have to worry about any of these!
The BABA Digital Door Lock is the solution for you.

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Handle Type  /  PUSH-PULL Door Lock
All-in-one door handle with fingerprint recognition
All new PUSH PULL premium fingerprint recognition digital door lock
Novel fingerprint recognition system free from risk of hacking
Opens in 4 ways
Fingerprint + pass code + swipe + emergency key

Easy open (panic release handle)
In/outdoor double locking
Adjustable sounds
Embedded temperature sensor
Recognizes up to 100 fingerprints
Single-second fingerprint recognition
Wide working temperature range, excellent low-temperature characteristics
Fingerprint sensing area 9.6 x 9.6mm
ESD protection ±30KV
No additional wake-up actions required
Fingerprint recognition algorithm: Certified by the Korea Internet and Security Agency
Colors: gold, silver, dark gray
Bluetooth connection (optional)

Size: 85mm (W) x 367mm (H) x 73mm (D)

Weight : 3.00kg

Pass code  /  Swipe  /  Fingerprint  /  Emergency key 







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