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A real-life damage.
2. Records govern memory and behavior.
3. A rubber band is enough.
4. Strap match changes winners and losers.
5. Use 'TOPROLL' using your thumb and 'HOOK' using your thumb.

A real-life damage.
2. Records govern memory and behavior.
3. A rubber band is enough.
4. Strap match changes winners and losers.
5. Use 'TOPROLL' using your thumb and 'HOOK' using your thumb.

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AR460 (armwrestling Performance Kit. -handle-)

1. A real-life damage.

Do not use a low-repeated high-weight overtraining with AR460. Gradual increase in intensity of motion, which can be performed in two basic divisions, is recommended. But it's just that the "specific pain" that comes after a white-burning real-life arm wrestling, The pathological condition of the tendoncan also be felt with AR460.


2. Records govern memory and behavior.

By "numbering" the product according to direction and location, it makes it easier to record and share training, even for words and writings. Records make changes and innovation in sports.


3. A rubber band is enough.

Even without a cable machine, high-strength arm wrestling training is possible with a rubber band. The band setting method of 'AR460' is extremely extensive. All the corners of both sides of the AR460 are round-processed. The '460 belt' and webbing as well as rubber bands will not cut or break.


4. Strap match changes winners and losers.

Experienced people would agree that the strategy and the mechanism itself are different. In fact, if you play "Nostrap Match" with the same player, you will see a high winning rule, but you will not be able to win "Strap Match.“ Now that most of the matches are made up of strap matches, training using straps is no longer an option but a necessity. If the purpose is to train the grip, the training can be carried out with a no-strap.


5. Use 'TOPROLL' using your thumb and 'HOOK' using your thumb.

You can do 'top roll' training by pushing with your thumb and using your extensor muscle, and you can do 'hook' training by bending your opponent's thumb down and pressing it down. Without thumbs, flexion-oriented training motion is further developed, and simple training creates a simple competition. The combined training of 'AR460', which uses the thumb to respond to the extended conditions of the grip, ischemic training is more effective than one-way simple training in training the high acceptance sensitivity, which is a technical requirement of arm wrestling, such as 'isotropic contraction by active motion', 'awareness of mechanism occurrence' and 'sense of perception of constant posture'. 'AR460' is a technical training tool that allows you to feel the complement and communion of flexor muscle and extensor muscle, biceps and triceps, and provides direction as a popular sport with a combination of technology and spear and shield.

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