ARLLIN Golden Silk Science Ampoule


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1. Volume - 30ml

2. Usage period
- Until 2018.07.16

3. How to use
- After basic skin care, gently apply an amount the size of a bean to the
entire face using a finger.

4. Manufacturer
- GoldenBridge International

5. Country of Manufacture
- South Korea

Do you want silky, radiant, soft skin? ARLLIN Golden Silk Science Ampoule can definitely be the solution for that. The nickname of the premium essence is a ‘Golden Drop’. You can feel melting and silky texture and its deep absorption to the bottom of your skin. Matrixyl 3000 makes a big difference for Skin vitality and give enough Energy to your skin. GSS collaboration solution for this dropper typed essence will surely improve your Skin wrinkles and advanced Brightening. ‘GSS’ solution means the collaboration solution for ‘Glowing face, Smoothing wrinkles, and Skin vitality’ . Your skin will reverse the time certainly.

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