[APYLD] Bubble tok tok , laundry detergent(4g x 60 tablets)


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Type: Detergent
Product name: R1 Bubble toktok
Detergent Type: Other
Detergent Use: Apparel
Shape: Solid, tablet (solid) detergent
Feature: Eco-Friendly, sterilize & bleaching & cleaning at a time
Made in: South Korea
Expiration date: 36 months after manufacturing date
Function: sterilize, bleaching, cleaning
Foam: No foam, bubble! Just HYDROGEN DROPLETS!
Volume/Qty: 240g (4g X 60tablets) in a bottle
7.5 x 7.5 x 12(cm)
Ingredients: Proteolytic enzyme, lipolytic enzyme, starcholytic enzyme, fibrinolytic enzyme, sodium percarbonate,
sodium hydrogen carbonate, citric acid, etc

Bubble-free! HYDROGEN DROPLETS do sterilize, bleaching, and cleaning at a time!

Product Features

1. World's first HYDROGEN FOAMING TABLET detergent (Patent Application 10-2017-0028570)

- Completed washing effect, bleaching effect and hazardous material testing

- Escherichia coli, staphylococcus 99.9% antibacterial test completed

2. Decomposition special enzyme component at high concentration (Protein, lipolytic enzyme) of effective decomposition
and elimination of heavily soiled dirty.

3. By eliminating the chemical components, laundry detergent for infants natural detergent that can be used safely.

* 7 No Additive: Fluorescent brightener, chemical surfactant, foaming agent, ginseng salt, chemical dye, chemical bleach,

4. Solve the problem of existing detergent in one place

- Superior removal of active oxygen in body by massive hydrogen generation
(Reduction of radioactive and heavy metal pollution damage)
- Use of food additives and solubilization of skin troubles due to high degradability and residual detergent.
- Easy and convenient use: Small, high-concentration 4g is enough for one tablet/ Easily soluble in cold water/ Elimination
of stubbornness eliminates the inconvenience of hand washing and pretreatment laundry
- Prevention of discoloration and damage of fiber due to no chemical use
- Saving water rate by shortening the number of rinsing cycles because there is no bubble - Textile softener effect

Type of detergent: Weakly alkaline type 1

Usage: Laundry auxiliaries for textiles and apparel

How to use

1. Make sure that touch the tablet with dry hands only.

2. Do not put the tablet in a detergent inlet, but first put it in the bottom of the washing tank according to the recommended usage amount, and then put laundry in it.

3. Please check the markings on the clothes before washing

4. Please wash separately colored clothes and white clothes

5. For dirty laundry or heavily soiled laundry, it’s effective to remove soiled part first by wetting the part and rubbing the tablet and then, wash laundry with the used tablet.

6. When wash laundry by hands, let the tablet melt well for at least 30 minutes so that the enzyme can work. And then, rinse only.

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