[The Choute] Deep Black Edge Pen Eyeliner


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[The Choute] Deep Black Edge Pen Eyeliner

 The brush pen eyeliner making the clear and well-defined eye line, applied with the real carbon black.

Clear and well-defined eye line with the real deep black color.

Facilitate drawing of vivid black line at a time with the deep black color and its hypo-allergenic effect enables the comfortable usage on sensitive eye area.

Strong water-proof and easy washable without stains, with tepid water

The superb water-proof effect against water, sweat and sebum maintains clean lines for a long time.

Brush pen typed liner easy for starters

Facilitate the detailed drawing among the eyelashes with the high elastic brush.

Starters can easily make various thicknesses of line

1. real black for clear and fine eye makeup

The eyeliner has a brush tip that draws thin and well-defined eye line with high molecule polymer and thin soft brush.

2. Strong waterproof and easy washable

The eyeliner easily draws and just a single of the eyeliner will last all day long with its special water resistant function that resists water, sweat, dull residue and sebum.

3. pen type for easy drawing

Luke warm water is all you need to clearly remove the eye line so it does not damage your sensitive eye area and will leave no color residue.

1.  Shake 2~3 times before use and use adjusting thickness of the brush by using elasticity

2.  Draw from the middle of eyes to the end, and then from the front of eyes to the middle.

3. After use, seal tightly not to dry the brush.

1.  Cease using immediately if the following abnormalities arise during the use of this product. Continued use might aggravate symptoms and thus call for the help of the dermatologist. 1) Symptoms such as red spots, swelling, itching, stimulus during use 2)The above symptoms on the applied area by the direct light

2. Do not use in the areas with wounds, eczema or dermatitis.

3. Wash out immediately when it gets in the eye

4.Cautions in storage & handling 1) Seal tightly after use 2) Keep the product out of the reach of children 3) Keep the product out of the high or low temperature and the direct light

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