[Samhae Commercial] Seasoned Laver for meal (24 pack set)


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Samhae Commercial
· A producer with a 54-year tradition.
· An exclusive laver packaging ensures the highest quality and flavor.

Seasoned Laver small package x 24 packs set. (1 pack = 11 sheets of Laver)


We, Samhae, are choosing best quality of raw material laver and manufacturing cleanly. 

Seasoned wild seaweed includes a lot of nutrition such as protein, mineral, carotein, vitamin A, and calcium, etc… 

Especially, Seasoned wild seaweed has a great deal of Vitamin E, Which makes our life young by preventing oxidation of essential fat acids and aging. 

This wild seaweed is from purity sea zone, having excellent taste with delightful touch when crunch, and it has the taste of nature. 

As 2.25% of basic protein is found in seaweed, it has more than 38.3% protein. For comparison, rice has 6.2%, milk 2.84%, and beans has 34.3% protein (data from FAO/WHO-1973).

We proudly recommend "Myoungga Kim", which has the longest the first seasoned seaweed in Korea made with own know-how of 31 years. 

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