[RAINBOW] 3rd Mini Album (Innocent)


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* Type: Mini Album * Configuration: CD 1 chapter

RAINBOW 3rd Mini Album


"The third mini-album RAINBOW [INNOCENT] released!"

The surprise comeback Rainbow breaking the space of one year and seven months. In 2014, Rainbow has played an active individual activities in various areas secretly through the unit, "Black Rainbow" activity in January rainbow sexy tempt serves the public after becoming a sexy icon, drama, reporter, MC, etc. And in February 2015, Rainbow is expected to re-rating once more comeback to the music industry serves another unique attraction to the previous album and is a monolith in this 'INNOCENT' activities.

1. Crying is a bad man (Lyrics: eoben tradition, breath, hands comet / Composer: eoben transmission / Arrangement: eoben tradition)
'Bad Man Cry is always composing teams' eoben tradition' of the song to pursue a new trend, it is hidden behind the addictive melody lines with a kick, knocking sounds and bass lines, making a bit of a fast-paced song stands out. Obama also draw a picture of a woman who collapsed without the appearance of evil men crashing down on my parting advice to hear singing songs and shows, and brings together two flavors.

2. Black Swan (lyrics: asking, Ricky, enneu / Composer: asking, Ricky / Arrangement: asking, Ricky)
'Black Swan' is 'asking' are going to build their own style, the song of the 'leaky' combination, unique intro and scary enough to have a strong addictive song chorus hook sex coexist. You can also feel the unique grooves in a minimalist sound, jumping towards the dream will become a song for those who all wound up in the world.

3. Mr.Lee (lyricist: Shoulder gang, KASPER / Composer: shoulder bully / Arrangement: Cosmic Sound)
Consisting of hip-hop grooves and acoustic instrument configuration 'Mr.Lee' is a dance song full advantage of the new vocal charm of the Rainbow and from the aggressive, caustic and appropriate arrangements that are intrinsic. BEAST, MBLAQ, DickPunks such as "Honey of a Summer Night," the team wrote San.E & Raina took on the shoulders of the class bully the songwriting program crew composed songs for various artists, alcohol Jay & the prefectural "brother." Cosmic Sound composer served as an arranger.

4. PIERROT (Lyrics: namgisang / Composer: namgisang, gwonseonik, minimum conduit / Arrangement: Choi conduit)
'Expect' 'PIERROT' Day of the Girl, "a woman president 'Songs of N company composed of four with a namgisang, sad song insinuating motives of the people living in modern society gamchumyeo his clown that always smiling and expressing feelings a. Mix the two-step crossover bit was a new genre, the mature emotions and vocal techniques may well dominate the charming singer of Rainbow distinctive feel.

5. Privacy (lyrics: G-high, Yu-seok Kim, Shin Agnes / composer: G-high, Yu-seok Kim, Shin Agnes / Arrangement: G-high, Yu-seok Kim)
'Privacy' is a song that harmonize well with a bit of a feel sexy while upstage melody, men and women of the push-pull process in a woman feel a subtle psychological and emotional changes that contained the song well.)
'Privacy' is a song that harmonize well with a bit of a feel sexy while upstage melody, men and women of the push-pull process in a woman feel a subtle psychological and emotional changes that contained the song well.
In particular, this song is the point in listening to outstanding bass tones sound in the guitar and drum grooves produce. Most of the songs and their own emotions revealed in vocal tone that can be heard from the Rainbow members enjoyed a unique harmony to create harmony.

6. a little more (lyricist: MachWave / composer: MachWave / arranger: MachWave)
Sexy atmosphere and straightforward lyrics are charming, a little more 'is a R & B song with a slow tempo Rainbow on the first attempt, it is like a voice whispering in your ear drowning as if possessed peculiar charm. Urban Music Luxurious melody line and producing team marks only stylish bit of wave-based foundations of musical emotion naeteumyeo attract good hiding Rainbow enhanced by the completion of the album finale track of the album.

# Album specifications
- Width 150mm X 150mm vertical
- Page 52

1. 나쁜 남자가 운다

2. Black Swan

3. Mr.Lee


5. Privacy

6. 조금 더

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