[POZ] 3Step Mask Package (5ea)


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Poz Masks Pack Special

There is only one
Clear and vibrant skin

Resolved the hassle of having to carry around with various cosmetics
Solved with 3 step mask pack
Total care poz mask pack!

1 Step Oxygen bubble cleansing
2 Step Mask Pack
3 Step Rejyvenation cream

Capacity and weight / 27g X 5ea
All skin type
Use / From 36 months to the date of manufacture, use( extra show)
After opening, use / used right after the opening
The main ingredint / detail page note
Manufacturers / Yoonji co., Ltd. North at osan, Gyeonggi-do, industry 23
Manufacturing reseller / +82-70-7570-5861
country of origin / Korea

[POZ] Multi 3 Step Mask Package [POZ] Multi 3 Step Mask Package


Total Care Mask Pack

All In One Package

(Bubble Cleanse + Mask Pack + Regeneration Cream)


1Step Cleanser

Oxygen bubble cleanser meet the oxygen and air droplets drops survived

the bubble until the midst of keratin and sebum, pores

Cool, deep cleansing and moisturizing ingredients hydrate after cleansing

and flexible skin is, Black heads + the keratin management + Fiji management + Hypoallergenic skin

How to use

Pump the oxygen bubble cleanser by an appropriate amount.

Do not spray water. 

Apply the cleanser evenly across the face.

Gently massage the entire face with fine bubbles.

Wash it with lukewarm water.

Main ingredient

Green tea extract, lemon extract, papaya fruit extract, tea tree leaf extract


2Step Mask Pack

Sheets containing ingredients that absorb more than 99% of heavy metals

"Chitosan + Bamboo chitosan filter"

A mask pack that protects skin from fine dust and heavy metals.

As well as heavy metal adsorption, chitosan is dissolved in the skin, which has a refitting effect on the skin.

Transparent sheet of nude tone tightly adheres to skin.

You can feel comfortable wearing comfort.

Elastic + Smoothing + Moist

It helps to maintain healthy skin.

How to use

After cleansing, toners are used to make skin texture.

Take out the sheet and apply it evenly over the entire face.

Remove it after 15-20 minutes. It helps gently tap to absorb the contents remaining in the skin.

After use the remaining essence on the body can also apply.

Main ingredient

Western rose flower extract, orange extract, Super ochre


3Step Regeneration Cream

The large amount of negative ions and far infrared rays coming from the nature gives oxygen to tired skin.

It also gives skin vitality.

The snail ingredients that can restore the skin by itself keep skin hydrated

Protects skin from harmful substances on skin surface.

In particular, it contains yam root extract and natural mucin component forms moisture barrier to prevent water loss.

How to use

Guests can enjoy a good amount of skin in the facial part of the colon

after evenly spread, depending on the as absorbing tap.

You can use the playback after useing the cream mask Pack sleep during

The moisture to the skin.

Main ingredient

Yam root extract, green tea extract, Aloe Vera extract, Lotus leaves extract,

Super ochre

How do i use the Mask Pack

1 step oxygen bubble cleanser

Cleansing the face with no bites. You can clean with lukewarm water.

2 step mask pack

Cleansing face Celulose mask sheet after 15 mintes to 20 minutes after the rockwark.

3 step rejuvenaton cream

After a skin mask pack Spread evenly according to the lodge after tapping it seemed


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