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Splits his time between both countries and the domestic activities comeback in one year and four months in K POP top Hallyu stars have certainly Nestled My name is coming February 12 mini album title song of the second mini-album as "too very just."

1 year 4 months of domestic activity by announcing a comeback for that amount of experience they been vigorous splits his time between South Korea and Japan to own an album by that he does not disappoint the expectations of the fans who waited a long time for a long time The second mini-album, pour all the members of all the hard work and passion found dissolved by resolution of the power getdaneun brush on a single album

My Name efforts, especially trying to change the whole concept of this album is also a lot of street hip-hop personality of each of the five members to look beyond their traditional strong and masculine image of their personality expressed styling Loose said to express the freedom bunbangham In addition, further raised expectations for this album serves the
The addition to the strong vocals and performance capabilities they have in My Name has received a lot of attention since its debut naemyeo achieved the highest maximum that can be easy to follow and you do not know bully images unpredictable melodies, witty lyrics back to turn into the next stage, they showcase is expected to deliver an intense thrill to music fans through.

The second mini album title song of The My Name "so very just," the producer and head of the Supreme Team Blue BlueBridge was successful brands such as MC Mong number of hip-hop music. Peongkiham full drum sounds and grooves Kŏn-u Kim and composer born rookie team composed trendy bold brass line-based hip-hop songs in collaboration 220volt. Addictive chorus line is full of great songs
"So very just," as in the number of titles that can be easily felt in accordance with the bully know images unpredictable melodies, witty lyrics gives another fun addition.
01. 너무 very 막
02. 고장난 시계
03. Light(선물)
04. Reason
05. 메이데이
06. 너무 very 막 (Inst.)

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