[MOMBEF] Baby Laundry Soap (7 Bundle)


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1. Volume and weight : 200g x 7
2. Product specification (skin type, color etc.) : Suitable for all skin type, 7 Bundle
3. Best before date & shelf life after opened (printed in parallel to best before date) : Manufactured on 2015-10-30, 12 months after opened
4. Usage : In reference to product description
5. Manufacturer & distributor : SOKY C&T Co., Ltd. / BOBECOS Co., Ltd.
6. Country of origin : South Korea
7. Main ingredients (For organic skin care product, the content of organic ingredients are stated) : squalane
8. Did functional cosmetics be inspected by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Whitening, anti-wrinkle, sun protection etc.) : Not relevant

[MOMBEF] Baby Laundry Soap (7 Bundle)

[MOMBEF] Baby Laundry Soap (7 Bundle)

[MOMBEF] Baby Laundry Soap (7 Bundle)

[MOMBEF] Baby Laundry Soap (7 Bundle)


   1. After use, always keep it in a dry place.

   2. Young, Keep out of reach of children.

   3. New types of sensitive skin-minute Please use rubber gloves when washing hands.

   4. Use Please use after reading the precautions.

Quality assurance : 3 years

Consumer service hotline : 032-227-0015 

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