[Kim Jae Joong] 1st Album (the WWW makeup erase) Repackage


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*Sound: Dolby Digital
*Aspect Ratio: 16: 9 / LB
*Running Time: 18:32 min
*Region Code: NTSC (All)
*Rating: 15 +
Jaejoong solo 1 Repackage Album - erase the WWW makeup] Jaejoong solo album repackage finished in a warm ballad [the WWW makeup erase] Jaejoong had expressed an afterimage of love through various official first album in October, Rock genre has come back to emotional ballads. Jaejoong will once again participate directly in the lyrics and the adaptation of the two added a solo first regular writing the songs from the lyrics of 10 of the 13 songs of the album damatgo intact the love of a common theme idea down with his being repackaged album released in time Talk about love. Repackage Album - erase the WWW makeup] is released in 20 days coming and a new song of Jaejoong and plans to add more songs to remake Japan got a great response from the Asian Tour. is the emotional pop ballad that stimulates memories of a cold winter's repackaged album title song. Jaejoong this film "A Moment to Remember> was involved in a lyricist was born motif stands out by featuring songs with beautiful harmonies of the spider. The perversion and Jaejoong had reorganized the Japanese famous singer-songwriter Miyuki Nakajima. Jaejoong version of was expressing simple to configure and restrained emotion of the song only to leave feeling beulruji of original compositions for piano and strings. Jaejoong was selected the song for the original Japanese fan meeting tour cited the sad lyrics that reason. This song is a sad state of mind, Linda toned look yourself in the mirror before seen love gone. "I did not have the depth to like makeup What think tonight or die I want to be good because beautiful" and "flow Mara until the tears Oh, the bus is going," such as feelings of mourning in love outside your own mind flies to bury Stay . Jaejoong is sometimes blurred while feeling toned, like Lorca made it more dramatic monologue for two. Cheoyeon to be more emotional and vocal strength of Jaejoong made the listener feel this song to tears by making it recalls the feelings buried in his memories interpret the songs of female vocalist with the color of your own.

-Track List (DISC1)
작사/김재중 작곡/회장님, 김광섭 편곡/회장님, 김광섭
작사/김재중, Miyuki Nakajima 작곡/Miyuki Nakajima 편곡/회장님
작사/김재중 작곡/정재엽 편곡/정재엽
4.Don’t Walk Away
작사/김재중 작곡/TEXU 편곡/TEXU
5.Just Another Girl
작사/김재중,D.Brown,성현 백무현 작곡/D.Brown,
성현 백무현 편곡/D.Brown,성현 백무현
작사/김재중 작곡/회장님,2JAJA 편곡/회장님
7. Rotten Love
작사/김재중 작곡/김재중,권빈기 편곡/권빈기
8.햇살 좋은 날
작사/성현 백무현 작곡/성현 백무현 편곡/성현 백무현
9.Let The Rhythm Flow
작사/김재중 작곡/TEXU 편곡/TEXU
작사/김재중 작곡/김재중 편곡/김재중
11.Now Is Good
작사/윤도현 작곡/윤도현 편곡/추승엽
작사/김재중 작곡/김재중 편곡/권빈기,장인석
작사/김태완 작곡/김태완,251,High J 편곡/김태완, 251,High J
14.Modem Beat
작사/김제중 작곡/김재중,박 일 편곡/박 일

Just Another Girl Music Video.
Music Video Making Film.

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