KITCHEN ART Violet Detachable Multi Portable Pots


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* Component : detachable pot(16cm,18cm,20cm), 22cm egg pan, detachable handle(16, 18, 20) convertible cover, bag
* Model : Kitchen Art Violet Detachable Multi-Copel7p
* Volume/weight : Detachable pot(16cm,18cm,20cm), 22cm egg pan, detachable handle, (16,18,20) convertible cver, bag
* Materials : aluminum
* Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea
* Manufacturer : Kitchen Art
* Published year and month : May 2013
* Quality assurance standards : Applies to the Consumer Protection Law


1. Has high heat conductivity because it's made out of aluminum board of high purity.
2. Strong coating power because the inside is processed with diamond coating.
3.Can use space more effectively with detachable handle.
4. Can store in minimum space. Can carry around in portable bag and convenient to be used at home.
5. Detachable handle allows it to be used for various purposes on gas stove or oven.
6. Easy to carry and convenient to be used in outdoor.

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