[Jookjangyeon] 2012 Soybean Paste 500g


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Manufactured in 2012

· Traditional premium sauce products.
· Used by the Michelin starred Korean restaurant Danji in New York.


The premium traditional Jang ‘JOOKJANGYEON’ in Pohang city, Korea

'Our ingredients are nothing but nature and patience.' 

JookJangYeon is Korean Traditional Artisan Fermented soy paste, Doenjang. 

Not only the good ingredient but the process of making, fermenting, and aging is well managed for the highest quality. 

Now Jookjnagyeon is loved by the world famous chefs like Hooni Kim in New York and Pierre Sang Boyer in Paris. 


  • Ingredients : Soybean 96%(Domestic 100%), Sea salt 4%(Domestic 100%)


JJY denjang made from soybean, sea salt and the purest limestone filtered spring water and is fermented in clay jar and aged at least for 3 years. 

Introducing the concept of vintage wines and each year we managed to record the cultivation, climate, temperature and production methods of the bean. 

2013 JJy doenjang is aged for 4 years and it is the most favorite vintage, which has pungent smell like blue cheese and leave savory flavor on the tip of your tongue. 


The most common receipe for Korean is soup, which is more like stew with meat, tofu, and all kinds of vegetable. 

It can be a good dipping sauce called Ssamjang with nuts, cream cheese, and any herbs and it goes well with steak too.

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