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* 종류 : 유닛 앨범 * 구성 : CD 1장

Infinite F '靑'

Infinite. And Solo Song-gyu Kim, Infinite H (Dongwoo, Hoya), to Heart (starboard & key) until the new unit of Infinite've expanded their musical desires in various forms of unit and solo unveiled simultaneously in Korea and Japan. Name "Infinite F".
Lee Sung-yeol, EL, F consisting of Seongjong Infinite declared the first units formed in the encore concert last February Infinite and raised the expectations of the fans. Sketches are one to launch the Infinite F, not just a surprise event successful, were drawn from the work of the two countries was a decision at the end of its troubled debut simultaneously in Korea and Japan. Besides the title track, not only before the song is recorded in a single proceeding was recorded simultaneously in Korean and Japanese, music videos, including the simultaneous release of many efforts are working, neither were administered at the same time.
This is the title track of the Infinite F 'heart beats "are contained in cheongryangham, cheongahham, one million youth have infinite worth F line defines the name of" 靑 "the debut single. Infinite million F soft melody, the lyrics sound filled with youth and youth, combined voices of the members of the cheongahhan completes the 'heart beats. Japan, South Korea and listen to music all the music staff at a time as soon as he decided that "the title song 'decision had built a unique musical direction Infinite F without long agony. In particular, the director made Cho So Young 'heart beats, the music video is beautifully captures a time of a piece of CF Image shown Infinite F.
"Because you" are presented semi-sweet song for the hit tune producers Infinite F. "Let mine's been infinite, 'Chaser', 'The Last Romeo' was offering to best fit the mood Infinite F match came as a breath of good melodies and brilliance to music through. 'My Girl' is the best song ever by members of such purity that Lee Sung-yeol that you put a ball in a long record of Seongjong manham and innocent mischief lies not once in the same album, El boy's sense of their charm is best in each individual voice the songs blend.
Infinite F. Some people say the initials of the F Flower someone says someone is saying, Face Forever. Infinite F is that what it may be. One man, if only that what happens to one person.

1. The heart beats

2. Because you

3. My Girl

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