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Take a peak in 2011, 2012 Infinite national trend in moving to Asia in the mainstream!
Repeatedly hit every album released last year, and the right to release the music industry's top singles have been released in Japan, and they recorded the Oricon singles chart grab second place firmly in the minds of the masses created a brand called 'Infinite' to domestic and Japan.
Infinite mini album to be released at this time [INFINITIZE] will be the comeback of anyone I have not tried unprecedented in the album beyond the domestic fans across Asia are awaited reunion.

Title song 'The Chaser's new album shows the work in a fast-paced and fast track development as the title of the Infinite and the best sweet tune inseparable partner ttelraeya (Sweetune). Modern and stylish bit of sense in Korea sentiment in contrast strangely with gasache melody of the song and watch the feature points. Last year, 'Let's Mine "song shook a lot of A Woman's Heart is getdamyeo and comfortably is only my arms hurt a woman in parting with others yieotdamyeon sense to appeal directly to love,' Chaser 'leave does not catch a woman How to be cool, but sent it express a firm commitment to hold a reunion in his heart all over again, my love, do not get cold. This song gives a representation of the members in a variety of colors that can be configured only to feel special too Infinite music and feeling the heat again.

In addition, a second collaboration with lyricist Kim and his adept and followed by a beautiful song with a strong melody and a string of bits of the harmonized Jim Tic Toc attractive and upcoming songs of MC The Max jeyiyun In addition to the title song 'Feel so bad', last year Infinite released the official first house [Over The Top] and repackage [Paradise] of a hidden track album was recorded at the end of the new arrangements recorded by an official source, and 'that summer', is a surprise in the encore concert seongonggae 'new concept Infinite Only ballad Tears 'received a lot of love in' ', a song that revolves around a bit addictive guitar riff reminiscent of U2's strong delay in the sense that a rhythm configuration, you're good', the flexibility of the 8,90's lyrics and beautiful melodies reminiscent of seaweed, heart-warming impressive track 'With ...' Which song do not miss a single individual to meet the expectations of the fans to be filled tightly with full songs.


2. 추격자
3. Feel so bad
4. 그 해 여름
5. 눈물만
6. 니가 좋다
7. With…

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