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* Type: All Hyosung - FANTASIA (1ST mini-album) * Configuration:

Namsim it held captive by a sweet lullaby ago Hyosung,
Come back one year to become a symbol of the fascinating Fantasia.

21st century with a unique aura Muse, The Return of the 'former Hyosung'!
Listening to the rustling their mind and tickle the nasal attractive, powerful, all-weather Muse ago Hyosung come back looked good performance. 'Good-night Kiss' stand alone as a brilliant success, no one gamyeo down can not write the history of 'long run' undeniable ago Hyosung proven themselves came up with their values. Now, the leader of the Secret "in front of her name as well as the 'female solo artist" also the title of the stick is not at all awkward.

Sweet Lullaby by namsim May last year, and a year over the period May is now flowing again. This spring, as her solo album will come again came at the end of a long wait like that above all expectations and good news. She became more and more mature and more becoming a beautiful song of love and farewell, and to feel a variety of emotions as a woman with a new album 'I Hyosung' will be a voice on behalf of 20 women, a role model for other girls dream and at the same time this name will be.

"The first mini-album" proves that 'solo singer, with growth of around Hyosung
If taken the first step to the last departure as another former Secret Hyosung, rather than via the first single album 'TOP SECRET', this time with more upgraded 'first mini-album "was recorded meaningful growth than seen in her garage . Cute girls ranging from sensual woman, a former Hyosung did not fear change every time a new attempt also did not spare the musical styling as well as in about a year back to announce solo album 'FANTASIA'. Especially challenging the rap part was that for the first time since the debut of one of the parts that make her unique aspects found with listening fun. Part of this living lab bouncing around the edges Hyosung flavor is further blown to listen to music fun.

This not not in this album, consisting in total of five tracks before Hyosung; is turned lyricist of the two revealed the name of the musical sensibility of their own. Words alone have 'been your dream "and" Come see me' participated as a co-songwriter in a bold, yet bittersweet lyrics ago Hyosung has been written down to have a life with her voice, all feelings are intact melting of each song . This is a passage that will make her a strong and substantial capacity, as well as surpass came up with a wide range of genres extends to a depth of expression.

* Configuration
- Insert two kinds of random photo card (a total of six species of two kinds of random insertion) / hanjeongban and image differences
- Photo Book 48p3


01.날 보러와요
03.Taxi Driver
05.5분만 더

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