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Category: Girls Day (GIRL'S DAY) - 2 home [LOVE] (. Yura VER) [96p + photo book photo card (Jura Ver) 1 종 onpaek] Configuration: Girl's Day (GIRL'S DAY) - 2 home [LOVE] (. Yura VER) [96p + photo book photo card (Jura Ver) 1 종 onpaek]

Debut 5th Anniversary! Girls Day 2 regular home 'LOVE'

07/07/2015 hot love begins as a summer 'LOVE' (love)

The date on which this July 9, 2010 debut in July 2015 10,005 years debut full house two 'LOVE' announces comeback to.

"Do not look I noticed Try to love like a roaring hot summer sun. Regular 2nd album of this Girl's Day 'LOVE' Girl's Day is a gift set of hot love grows comprehensive offering for those fans. "

[Girls Day Debut 5th Anniversary Show Back]

Debut - Myeong-dong Hongdae + flash mob (04/24/2010) ahead of the first members announced the world debut of the name of the group called Girl's Day with a dance flash mob shot at Myeongdong and Hongdae. Only time youtube 100 dwaeteotda a hot topic in the near clicks.
Debut song - 'puzzled' (09/07/2010) At the time everyone had puzzled by Girls Day. The first broadcast, singing, performances ... all that had puzzled even the first time early because the first experience ... awkward members.
Stone inverted - 'Treat see (29/10/2010) - "puzzled" by the song the vocals did not show the utmost showed it counted with masterpieces of Girls Day songs between fans. This song through a lot of people put a modifier called "reverse Stone 'was expected to give the possibility and success of the Girl's Day carefully.
Growth stone - 'sparkling' (18.03.2011) was due to hopes did not miss a hope that every day will be the day of the Girls Day How 'Twinkle Twinkle' creates a bivariate to record this music charts top New Light of Day Girls only the bet started. This song is a song that made possible today's Girl's Day.
Love begins - "Hold me once '(07/07/2011)" you, do not sell at a glance' (02/09/2011)! My God "(18/04/2012) A growing number of fans singing along haejusigo hope and love Girl's Day Girl's Day believe cycle began.
Faith - "Do not forget me" (26/10/2012) system, a four-member girl group has initially abiding faith, love and fan of the song was released, and has not grown.
New expectations - 'Expect' (14/03/2013) "Dancing with suspenders' group president, announced at the time of recording such a big hit and a song that made Girl's Day in a few steps stride growth. Girl's Day serves as a two seksimi through the 'suspender dance' has emerged as a sexy girl group icon.
Wings' Woman President (06/24/2013) dragging a large pool showcase music sites and finally to issue the 1st of honor in the broadcast! The song was triumphantly enable the Girl's Day.
Normal certified oneself and others - 'Something' (2014.01.03) seksimi pinnacle of the girl group, music and broadcasting in 2014 with a performance event with the best hits, himyeo Good for oneself and others swept the top spot accredited CF received a lot of love in public.
Art of Seduction Summer TERRASSON - 'Darling' (2014.07.14) now become the number one site in the Source and broadcast professionals every song released as a girl group called The Art of Seduction geomeojwineun top girl group summer song 'Darling'
And debuted 5th Anniversary! 10,000 song titles 'ring Marvell' released on (July 7, 2015) referred to in the song is convinced that enables the end of the race the success of Invisible Girl's Day.

Title song 'Ring Marvel "is a song drawn look cute and playful girl only sound, Girl's Day to start playing harmonica in a cool roofing and reminiscent of westerns. Two cute girls expressed the mind of an intense dance beat and addictive hooks met a man who liked to repeat the melody ringtone sounds kungkwang the heart sounds and feel the distance.
What is far more than two will be able to Girls Day it is cute and sporty look like a girl showed, cheongsunmi blend with the overall concept of coexistence sexy discover the truth of the fairy pitta Girl's Day. In addition, the Girl's Day will be a song to once again provide an opportunity for a bigger jump.

<About Divine Comedy>
With Me
Composition: two Kick, homeboy, long candy
Lyrics: Double Kick, long candy
Arrangement: in the face of glory

The only sad vocals and strings Girl's Day in grand scale in harmony 'with me' feeling funky dance track is one that is based on the tango
With a solid structure and dynamic presentation compelling songs will be able to see a little more mature meet Girl's Day
Marvell ring (Ring My Bell)
Composer: homeboy, radio galaxy, long candy
Lyricist: long candy, carrying Wu
Arrangement: Radio Galaxy, eastwest

Start with a cool harmonica playing and looping the sound of a mischievous girl look cute ring Marvell kungkwang the distance heart sounds ringtones met a man who liked to repeat a strong hook addictive melodies and intense dance beats of Girl's Day only reminiscent of the western movies ringing is a song that expresses the heart of a cute girl funky cool can blow the heat of the summer and look forward to an exciting summer table girls Day songs
Composition: two Kick, long candy, in the face of glory
Lyrics: Double Kick, long candy
Arrangement: in the face of honor, truth,

Exciting uptempo jazz swing a unique one that you can taste at the same time sexy and youthful but also of Girl's Day as a genre.
Meanwhile, the TRACK HOT-filled with intricacies such as viewing the variety show!
Come Slowly
Composer: SEION, long candy
Lyricist: SEION, bakjanggeun, DAVID KIM
Transcription: SEION

Girl's Day is an acoustic ballad blend of four members each play a different voice with a warm color acoustic guitar and piano. Sseudaga even when andoenyago come back to ex-lover, I really do not mind saying that he only give my side slowly came back, but also cute as too sad sad song, 'want to see' Girls of the Day of the girls and women of sensibility yeoryu composer created a SEION this sensibility is more compelling ballad.
Top Girl
Music: namgisang, gwonseonik, bakgihyeon, jeongtaekjun
Lyrics: namgisang, Daniel.R, people finals
Arrangement: jeongtaekjun, bakgihyeon, normality

What a Girls Day songs Green fiction love story in the best place right now is a song that details the matter to lovers such as free members will lose jeongjak we neglect to love in success. Seongsukmi of a sad remarkable vocals.


01.With Me
02.링마벨(Ring My Bell)
04.Come Slowly
05.Top Girl
08.Look At Me
12.Show You
13.Hello Bubble
14.링마벨(Ring My Bell) (Inst.)

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kangjungie 202/07/2016 21/07/201618:13
A+ in music and photobook
As a full length album from Girl's Day, it is very strong. It contains popular hit songs in my opinion, such as 'Something,' 'Darling,' and 'Ring Ma Bell.' The non-title tracks are very good as well and vary from exciting to slow songs, showcasing their vocal ability.

Yura's version of the album is tremendously gorgeous and probably one of my favourite photobooks of all time. There were maybe 3 different photo shoots within it. It showcased sexy to elegant to fun. Seeing how great Yura looked, I bet the other members looked great in their versions, and the group version as well. The formatting and quality was very nice, however my only complaint was the lack of outfit changes. The clothes were nice, but it would've been even nicer if there were more changes in outfits within each concept.

Other than that it was great and an album worth having.
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