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Mince Girl's Day, the crystallization of the summer song
Endless transformation Girl's Day, 2014, The Art of Seduction mince summer song

Hot dalgwotdeon Girl's Day is the first half of 2014 as 'Something' song came back to the summer season.

Great in the sense of cuteness, the image of the extremes to sexy to fully digestible energy and soft Nestled in the girl group Girls Day 2014 top trend on the people responsible for the cool summer summer season with another song 'Darling' the attempt to transform.

Girl's Day Summer prepared and featuring special mini album 'Summer party' is the intro, including the title song "Darling" "summer party" songs "look at me" "Timing", etc. were recorded five songs.

Girl's Day "This mini-album 'Summer Party' has a hot summer day, like soft drinks, lying on the beach, drinking a sip cool thirst give away songs, shoulder shakes itself to make this song in a speeding car, complex and head comfortably get up when you are sick was filled with a number of songs, "he said.

Title song "Darling" is a Girl's Day and wears cool 'Something' work in 2014 on a hot summer day sessions and lively brass pop shuffle rhythm is like a cool body of water cannons leading producer team achieved a combination Duble Sidekick. In particular, this cute summer suddenly came hopping imagine listening to this cause stinging soft drinks for the love offering the same coolness.

Songs "summer party" has created a connectivity gives the composer DAVID KIM and the last album the song tactfully inform the prelude to an intense summer club dance song with a scratch and sampling as a joint venture of the radio galaxy (everyday 3) Another one heralds a sensation.

Another songs "look at me" is Duble Sidekick and Ten Jo other Skopje simple as a joint venture and the minimum configuration was created by a groove-filled beulruji one acoustic R & B-style rhythm and Girl's Day between the spaciousness of the synth bass in heavy song vocals the benefits of a well-exposed song.

The fourth track, "timing" of the joint venture as well as a radio galaxy Duble Sidekick. This song is a refreshing image of Girl's Day with lead lines and electric guitars are directed to meet the bright and cheerful atmosphere of the overall flow of the song summer house dance music was more emphasized.

No need to say any more about the transformation of the Girl's Day. Costume? Choreography? Endless transformation! Expected to Girl's Day with the charm of a Fairy pitta can not help wondering whether any modifier will stick with this album.



1. Summer party (intro) (feat. David Kim)
2. Darling
3. Look at me
4. Timing
5. Darling (Inst.)


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