[GIRLS 'GENERATION] DVD All About Girls' Generation (Paradise in Phuket)+Book Photos


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* Category: Girls - ALL ABOUT GIRLS 'GENERATION * Configuration: [PARADISE IN PHUKET] (6 DISC) <44PAGE undisclosed amount of Phuket Special Photos (book cover included) + Advanced Cardboard Boxes> & GIRLS 'GENERATION - ALL ABOUT GIRLS' GENERATION [PARADISE IN PHUKET] (6 DISC)

Girl after exhaustive history of the era debut until now!
 <All About Girls' Generation "Paradise in Phuket"> DVD 6 end sale!

 Girl shows all of the times that DVD series <All About Girls' Generation "Paradise in Phuket"> This is the end of June released today.

 Of SM and SBS Contents Hub is a co-production <All About Girls' Generation "Paradise in Phuket"> All of the activities the girls look so far in August last year after the debut of the era as well as SNSD members to a special video taken from Phuket a DVD series that contains a variety of attractions, a total of 6 of DVD (total running time 715 minutes) and it consists of a Mini Photo Album the hot reaction from fans is expected.
ThisDVD hasbeenreleasedso farGirls 'hitmusic videoas well asbymembers oftheunreleased'Hoot'music videoversion,makingyoua glimpse into thevariousalbum coverandmusic video shootfilm,'Inkigayo','Kim Jung-eun's Chocolate'andputallthe history ofSNSDdebutuntil nowtobroadcast videoand thenbroadcastthroughthe SBSseems to be amorespecial timeforthe fans.

In addition, thevariety showrecordedat the localGirls'REAL TRESURE'and'Echo'music videos, andimages, as well asthe imagescontaining theimages ofthe membersto enjoythe free timein Phuketwithself-cameratype members,family,girltimechargeto fanstheplainhonesttalktorichcontent ismoreofitis enough tomeet thecolorfulimages ofSNSDmembers.
In additionin February,consisting of apictureprior to theDVD release<All About Girls' Generation "Paradise in Phuket" DVD Preview>to releasethebar'sgotahot reactionfrom fans,thisDVD isalsoexpected togeta lot of lovefrom fans.

On the other hand,this<All About Girls' Generation "Paradise in Phuket"> DVDis scheduled to bereleasedin the futureevenBlue-Rayversion.

[GIRLS 'GENERATION] DVD All About Girls' Generation (Paradise in Phuket)+Book Photos

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kangjungie 202/07/2016 21/07/201617:58
This Item is Gold
First of all there's so much content with this item. The 6 discs includes exclusive videos from 2007 of their ITNW era to 2010 of the OH/RDR/Echo era. To add to that, it includes varied TV shows they appeared in during those times. This item will be very enjoyable for International buyers like myself since EVERYTHING is English subbed by SBS. The videos are nostalgic and fun. For ot9 fans that miss fetus GG or for collectors, this is definitely something to have. In terms of sentimental and content value, it's worth it's price and I highly recommend it.
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1 Item(s)

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