[Epik High] 8th Album (Shoe Rack)+Booklet+Limited Edition Both Sides Poster


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* Type: Epik High - Vol. 8 [Shoe Rack] * Configuration: - Booklet (100p) - 2CD - Tag 1Set - Art Book - First Limited Edition Both Sides Poster On Pack

* Album Detail

- Booklet (100p)
- 2CD
- Tag 1Set
- Art Book
- First Limited Edition Both Sides Poster On Pack
- Size: 135*135*30mm

* Track List


01.막을 올리며
05.부르즈 할리파
06.또 싸워
09.LESSON 5(타임라인)

01. 코멘터리

* Album Info

Epik High's regular eight home [shoe]
<19 years of age inaudible>


Where the journey of the day begins. Everyday is a tough place to stop.

Numerous meetings and where separation takes place.

'Home' you around and around looking for a place to call, invite you to love Epik High wandering through the parting 'shoe'.
New shoes in a shoe box to delight excitement and 12 co-existence of old shoes are also available for you here.

Epik High album is packaged inside this album and will be supplied with a CD containing the commentary I feel also.

Track 1 | 막을 올리며

"I smile for my dear mama.
Dad and I cried ppaedam will look look like he was crying. "

A song to cheer you faced with adversity. While sad, is yesterday's backstory was eventful Epik High phrase intense music before ringing up strong.
Track 2 | 헤픈엔딩 [타이틀 곡]

"I'm stingy with happiness.
'Saying unpleasant words than their money' Come on. '"
This song is reminiscent of the OST of the movie is over calmly France you suffer from frequent breakup. Tired of words of encouragement so that you do not have the lyrics and unaffected voice seemed indifferent Gea draw your mind.

Track 3 | RICH

"Articles chamahdo sick, land l Hates.
The ship
Easy to sing popular songs like centipedes off quickly. "

Rich and materialistic mind all the rich, 'RICH' dream that is a song to cheer you.
Track 4 | 스포일러 [타이틀 곡]

"Movies like love and wanna to me
Am commensurate waged?
Awesome ask your heart
The answer is always open ending. "

He / she no longer felt the moment does not love you ... that moment they will steal your every expectation and happiness as the 'spoiler' s as if indicating the end of the movie. Angil change the hearts of loved ones desperately want a song for you. The movie musical sound and great lyrics commensurate with the theme represents done one huge punch line.

Track 5 | 부르즈 할리파

"My attitude is that I'm talkin 'shit solid as your truth. "

The ginseng in the world, a title currently the highest building in Dubai's Burj Khalifa (Burj Khalifa) song, anthem is always a dream for you ppeotchineun toward a higher position.
Track 6 | 또 싸워

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