[Cheongwoon] USB Thermal eye bandage


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* Meterials used : velvet polyester, SMF hot wire
* Color : Blue
* Size : Free
* Weight : 81g
* Rated voltage : DC 5V (1.7W)
* Manufacturer : CHOENGWOON Co.,Inc.
* Country : Korea

[Cheongwoon] USB Thermal eye bandage

Thermal eye bandage

As modern people use a variety of digital devices for a long time, the fatigue of the eyes is naturally piling up.

By releasing the fatigue of the eyes with thermal eye bandages, please avoid headaches, xerophthalmia and etc.  

5V direct current – It uses DC 5V rather than AC 220V

DC5V direct current does not form an electric field that causes an electromagnetic wave. Thus, electromagnetic wave does not occur.

As an economical product that is not throwaway disposable eye bandages after used once but is semi-permanent, by using computers or auxiliary battery with a USB port it is a very practical eye bandage that can be used anywhere by carrying it. .

[Cheongwoon] USB Thermal eye bandage

* The auxiliary battery is sold separately.

(Inner text in English / Japanese / Chinese, etc.)

SMF hot wire usage

It is a hot wire of the patented nano-technology. It has and high-strength water-proof and strong durability.

As a thin and soft electric heating element that is 0.0003mm which is one tenth of the hair thickness by fiberizing a stainless steel as microfiber, it has high intensity, waterproof, and strong durability.

As a thermal system to relieve eye fatigue it has a built-in SMF and maintains the proper temperature of 40 ~ 45 ℃ in the human body. So, you can enjoy a nice feeling of warmth.

The electromagnetic field, that causes electromagnetic waves, does not form. With low voltage there is no low-temperature burn or no risk of fire.

In 15 minutes, the power is off automatically. Thus, the temperature goes down slowly and it can be used safely. 


[Cheongwoon] USB Thermal eye bandage

Due to brushed velvet polyester, the feeling of touch is soft and it gives the feeling of warmth and the sense of security.

By using a luxurious sponge with large size it blocks the outside light completely.

The surface is embossed. Thus, it is a refreshing design.     


Far-infrared ray generation

Far-infrared ray emissivity of 90%

Due to emission of Far-infrared ray it promotes the body’s metabolism and blood circulation, helps excrete various waste accumulated in the human body and reactivates the aged cells.

It's effective for stress relief and fatigue recovery. So, it can be expected to have a positive effect on the human body.

Because illite fabrics are used in the inner part of eye bandage, when eyes are warmed negative ions and far-infrared rays are generated.

Use one light fabric inner lining will generate negative ions and far infrared rays from the light snow during warmer days.    

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