[ARZTIN] Regenerative Schild Cream (50g)


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Weight or Volume: 1.8 oz. (50g)
Size of packing: 4.8x4.8x15.5cm
Material of packing: aluminum container, plastic cap, box

Main Ingredients:
Mineral Water (Nordenau Water) EGF LIPOSOME, BASS 2 COMPLEX, Hydrozed Pea Protein, Ribs nigrum (black currant) Seed Oil

How to Use:
1. Take an appropriate amount of cream off your hands on cream application stage of skin care
2. Apply the cream all over your face and let it be absorbed

Origin: Republic of Korea
Qty / Product Composition: 1
Expiration date : 30 months after opening date

[ARZTIN] Regenerative Schild Cream

Weight or Volume: 1.8 oz. (50g)

Size of packing: 4.8x4.8x15.5cm

[Product Description]

EGF Regenerating cream with skin anti-aging and elasticity effects


Someone who wants regeneration and relief to their skin, sensitive skin, wrinkled skin, less elastic skin, dry skin dull skin, irritated skin after skin clinic (treatment, peeling, etc.)

Dermatologist tested


1. Skin regeneration: 3GF COMPLEX promotes skin regeneration and contains EGF LIPOSOME to give powerful anti-aging effect.

2. Elasticity: Peptides(protein) extracted from Hydrolyzed Pea help to improve overall elasticity of your skin.

It also contains BASS 2 COMPLEX, and it makes your skin more elastic by helping to promote skin regeneration.


①3GF COMPLEX: 3 skin proteins (EGF, FGF, IGF) that help skin regenerating and prevent skin aging.

② EGF LIPOSOME: Essential ingredient for skin elasticity stabilized by coating with protein.

③ BASS 2 COMPLEX: Help regenerate skin cell. It helps make your skin elastic and healthy.

**Water of the world's top four wonders, containing Nordenau water!

What is Nordenau water?

1.Germany's representative medical mineral water. (known to be effective in curbing sugars and cholesterol)

2.Enriched active hydrogen prevents aging of human body.

3.Contains high-concentration calcium ions to prevent skin moisture loss and prevent dryness.

4.Contains fulfillment  minerals to help moisturize your skin.

[How to Use]

1. Take an appropriate amount of cream off your hands on cream application stage of skin care.

2. Apply the cream all over your face and let it be absorbed.


We recommend that apply this cream continuously(often) to get faster result and powerful effect especially for…

Skin relief when you get skin clinic program such as laser treatment and peeling, or

Moisturizing when your skin extremely dry or very sensitive, or

Anti-aging when you concern that certain area on your face have sign of aging or lots of wrinkle. 


Mineral Water (Nordenau Water) EGF LIPOSOME, BASS 2 COMPLEX, Hydrozed Pea Protein, Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Seed Oil

[Procedure of Regenerative products’ line]

★As a daily care program,

Regenerative Schild Mist - Regenerative Schild Ampoule - Regenerative Schild Cream

★As a special care program, (1~2 times a week)

Regenerative Schild Mist - Regenerative Schild Ampoule - Regenerative Schild Cream - Regenerative Nanofiber Mask

※ The above description is limited to the raw material characteristics.

- Origin: Republic of Korea

- Delivery terms: FOB South Korea


From now on, start the care which focuses on creative idea and inherent effect of ingredient only for you. 

We suggest you the innovative effect and honest German philosophy that permeate deep in the skin.

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KATARZYNA 330/11/2019 27/11/201906:57
  • Quality:
.Just got mine so there is only few things I can say. This cream is very light, my skin absorbs it very quickly and it can be worn under the make up. My skin feels soft and mouisturised after using it. It can be used on very dry and sensitive skin (like miine now).

I didn’t have much time to use this cream, but after few days this is what I can say : very long list of ingredients very close to the top is silicone - which is strange because you can’t feel it at all ( and that is plus for me). Despite the name - this cream is very light , with gel-like texture.
it does not irritate my - lately, very dry and flaky skin. Sooo...it is a pretty nice cream but that is all I can say for now. I can wait to try all of these samples - and make my mind about this brand
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RANA 329/11/2019 26/11/201921:26
  • Quality:
this product claims that this cream can soothes and cares damages, also an effective anti-aging. in my own experience using this product for 2 weeks, this one is an effective multi-function care cream that is nourish my skin —- and some ways better that this product doesnt break my skin out. i like the consistency; its milky-ish gel, a real thick one (so i use the gel in tiny amount on my morning make up routine & slightly more or my night routine). and i like the finish! my skin looked plumper, smoother, healthier, with a touch of little glow (im not a blinding-glow type of person). will definitely repurchase
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MARILYN 329/11/2019 26/11/201918:32
  • Quality:
The cream promises:
•Help to strengthen the skin barrier.
•Calming the sensitive skin.
•Invigorating elasticity.
•anti wrinkle effect.
It has a light and non–sticky texture. The cream feels really fresh when you apply it. Thee scent is quite light, almost imperceptible. I really liked it, my skin is sensitive and that cream has not caused me any adverse reactions. So I totally recommend it for all skin types.

Im using it by day and night.But i can’t give a final verdict yet. What I can say is that my skin seems healthier and brightly than a week before.
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@QIMZELS_MAKEUP 329/11/2019 26/11/201909:19
  • Quality:
I really like the texture of this cream/gel.. It absorbs pretty quickly in my skin, but does leave it a little tacky.. I don't mind that when I am home, but otherwise it's a bit too tacky for me for the day.

I've been using it morning and eveninng, on my face, lips and sometimes my hands. I do see and feel that it is a great moisturizer! I also feel like it does help my fine lines diminish.

All in all a lovely product!
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ANIS 327/11/2019 24/11/201904:46
  • Quality:
This product claims to have an anti-aging properties like EGF liposome and nordenau water which has a calming properties. The cream have an enermous list of ingredients, but most of them are moisturizing agents such as glycerin, dimethicone and blackcurreent seed oil. Surprisingly, with so many ingredient in this product, the texture of the cream is not heavy at all. Almost like a hybrid of cream and gel, and absorb beautifully on my skin. This product is so lightweight, yet very nourishing at the same time. It's my first time experiencing this kind of texture and my oily-combination skin doesn't mad at it, not at all. I tried to put this cream on my hand and my dry skin just drinks this cream and form a moisturizing barrier on my skin that feels velvety and smooth to touch, leaving my skin hydrated and nourished without feeling sticky and tacky.

The packaging tho, is not the best one. The cream packed in an ointment tube with a wide nozzle. Since the cream is a lil' bit runny due to the gel cream hybrid consistency, its easy to spill, especially if I put it in a standing position. I think it's better if they used a small and pointy nozzled tube to minimalize the spilling.

I have not tried using this cream on day time since it's so humid in my place. But I've been using it as my sleeping mask and it makes my skin looks smooth and rejuvenated in the morning. No redness or allergic reaction so far. No new pimple pops out and my oil secretion is still normal after I used this cream. Overall, it's a good rejuvenating and calming product. Great for sensitive skin and I believe this cream is also good for post treatment and post laser skin
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