[Agafura] Magic Straw Cup (Ages 8 months and up) 300ml


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- Contents: 1 Straw Cup + 1 disposable straw ; KC certificated: test report CT13-123649/inspection report no. 2014010020191
- Size: 3.4 in x 3.5 in x 4.7 in; volume: 300ml
- Material: body-pp, straw-polyprophylene, cap-polyethylene, stopper-silicon (all materials safe for babies)
- Recommended age: from 8 months; for boys and girls
- Country of origin: Korea

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[Agafura] Magic Straw Cup (Ages 8 months and up) 300ml


Leak prevention, leak prevention straw - magic straw cup is a straw cup that contents don't leak, even if the cup is turned upside-down. 

No back-flows or leaks from the cup, straw hole and/or straw.

You can use straws of any size.(Straw hole has been specially designed and patented.)

>> characterisctics of magic straw cup

1. A double silicon packing functions to prevent any leaking. (The straw hole is processed to double silicon packing and so contents never leak around the straw.)

2. Can be used with straws of any size. 

3. Easy to clean all parts. 

4. volume 300ml

* product name and model name: Agafura magic straw cup

2 KC certificated  :  test report CT13-123649/inspection report no. 2014010020191  

3 size, weight:  8.7cm x9cm x12cm  

4 color: pink, purple, ornge, green 

5 material: body-pp, straw-polyprophylene, cap-polyethylene, stopper-silicon

6 use age: from 8 months

7 the release date of the same model: 2013.08

8 manufacturer : Miyeong Inc.

9 country of manufacturing: the republic of korea   

10 how to handle and precautions for handling:

 -  Don't be close to fire.

 - The diameter of putting a straw of a color straw cup is 6mm and so can use to 5mm~8mm size's straw.

- After assembling this product precisely not to spill and cap tightly, use it.

- Don't clean in boiling water and microwave because a mug cup can be transformed. 

- Silicon packing can be discolored by foods, but there is nothing wrong with a product. So use this cup without fear

11 the standard of quality assurance:  return-exchange-refund possible within 14 days after purchasing,/exchange to early defective goods

12  A/S person in charge and telephone number:  +82-31-234-9753

[Agafura] Magic Straw Cup (Ages 8 months and up) 300ml

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