[2PM] 3rd Album (Grown) A Ver. +Digipack


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* Type: to piem - 2PM Grown (A Ver) / 3rd Album [Hardcover dijipack + 52P booklet + Event card (random insertion)

* Configuration :
- CD1
- Booklet 52page, one event card (random insertion)

[2PM] 3rd Album (Grown) A Ver. +Digipack

- Internal:booklet52page, one event card (randominsertion)

Castle.Ladies.OneMusic2PM 'GROWN'of Southcharacters.
-Double title"...Andyouonly," "I cometo listen tothe song"
-MemberJunho, Jun.Theeye-Kjajakgok
-Wordsin favor ofparticipation,choseYanlabmakingparticipation
-Musicalgrowth andparticipation inthe attention of2PM,heightenedexpectations for thenew albumand activities

Castle.Ladies.One.2PMsixmenare coming.

Asia Tourconcertarenaconcert tour,includingTokyo Domeconcertahead of theAsiandomesticactivitiesbefore2PMcaptivatedbythe charm ofthisunique'animalcare'lasttwo yearsreleasedthirdstudio album'GROWN'.GROWNis amanpast two years,as themusicians'growth'andwithan album ofdarkcharm of'maturity' andsixmembers of2PM,2PM membershaveimpressivemusicalmaturityofthe track list, of course,istheirappearancefelta man'sfragranceitbringsan intensepalpitations.

ThetwelvetracksofGROWN,the uniquetitle of"doingyour..Well, 'andlyricaltitle of'backto listen tothe song'sleadingcomposerofthe title trackas well astwo doubleandlifted themember nameonthecreditsideJunhothe origin of the(Lee Jun - Ho), confession(Go Back), Love Song, Jun.K'sGame Over,incidentally, etc.jajakgokttuimyeointheeye,in favorofthelyricsof'Coming Down',Taecyeon(Taecyeon aka TY)isdoing.You.Well.Come backandlistento this song, I'm Sorry,todayonly, Coming Down,confession(Go Back)such asmusic, includingthe participation ofmembersgrewnoticeablyinvolved in therapmakinga whoppingsixsongsthusfurtherheightenedtheexpectationsandsurprises.
Castle.Ladies.One.Music andloveofman2PM.
Sixmenare twointensepalpitationsof loveis expectedtodeliverheat.



1. 하.니.뿐.
2. 이 노래를 듣고 돌아와
3. 원점으로
4. I'm Sorry
5. 오늘부터 1일
6. Dangerous
7. 오늘 하루만
8. Game Over
9. Coming Down
10. 고백(Go Back)
11. Love Song
12. 문득

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