[Wasabia] Allyl Beauty Soap (100g)


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Product Name: Wasabia Ally Beauty Soap
Category: Natural cosmetics
Size: 7.5x7.5x3cm
Weight: 100g (90g when dried)
Incense type: aloe, poppy, lavender, aqua, rosemary, six kinds of herbal medicine
Manufacturer: Peniel World
Country of Origin: Korea

Passed US FDA quality safety test.
It cuts off the causative bacteria of skin trouble originally. It adds moisturizing ingredient and has less skin pull.
It is a product that cleanses the old keratin and the makeup remnants in the skin.
You can feel the improved skin by adding moisturizing ingredients.
It is a product with natural fragrance that is not artificial fragrance.
Lavender, rosemary, aqua, jasmine, herbal, and herbal fragrance.

Wasabia Allyl Beauty Soap Correct cleansing method

1. Wash your hands first and wipe your face with lukewarm water to open the pores.
It makes bubble cleansing and bubbles with a lot of hand rubbing.
* Oily skin and acne skin, warm water is effective than lukewarm water.
2. Gently massage in the direction of the arrow in the picture.
3. Remove the force from your fingers and massage the foam mass around the T zone, rubbing it from the center of the face toward the outside.
4. Turn around your chin and rub it thoroughly.
5. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water, then wash with cold water from the chin to flick your forehead to shrink pores.
Do not wipe the towel as you rub it.

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