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Configuration: DVD 6 pages + about 60page Special undisclosed amount of Saipan Photos (including book cover) + Advanced Cardboard Boxes
(This DVD may cause a pause phenomenon in part by changing the LAYER DUAL LAYER FORMAT)

ALL ABOUT 東方 神 起 'best DVD brand new armed with stronger and interesting content that, come back to season3!- Produced by super Roque Saipan overseas real variety show "floated, TVXQ!" The more!- Exclusive unreleased music video released initially in the 'glow more ... (Picture Of You) at' DVD shot in Saipan!- Previously unseen 'order' and 'Wrong Number', each member-specific versions of music videos and dance version music video of The First!- Coupling torque is collected as a candid conversation topics and content in the 2nd and come back to part2!- Hangukwa Japan premiere of the classic restaurants TVXQ! (Korea - tables, Japanese-vine)- Members are raising their dogs accompany their surprise appearance with TVXQ! Dog wear!- Four of the regular MAKING FILM undisclosed period of activity first album released!- 'The Kim Jong Eun's Chocolate' No Cut Story first published! Fall Mini Concert Video 東方 神 起 The new edited version!- Want to see the video again - SBS Inkigayo appearances, one above moments, SBS Is War II, line-up, seungbusa The image of a miracle!

1 [TVXQ!'s Saipan Story] TVXQ!’s Special Holiday in Saipan


1[Couple Talk PART2] 영웅재중+유노윤호(HERO+U-Know)











1[Theme Talk : 食?味?愛 ] 食 : e-table (Korea)

2味 : podo-namu (Japan)

3愛 : 애견신기 [HERO♥비크 / MAX♥망둥이/ Xiah♥샤키/ U-Know♥태풍/ Micky♥하랑]


1[Music Video] ‘노을..바라보다(Picture Of You)’

2‘Purple Line’

3‘주문-MIROTIC’?(Original Ver.)

4‘주문-MIROTIC’ (Dance Ver.)

5‘주문-MIROTIC’ (HERO Ver.)

6‘주문-MIROTIC’ (MAX Ver.)

7‘주문-MIROTIC’ (Xiah Ver.)

8‘주문-MIROTIC’ (U-Know Ver.)

9‘주문-MIROTIC’ (Micky Ver.)

10‘Wrong Number’ (Original Ver.)

11‘Wrong Number’ (Dance Ver.)

12‘Wrong Number’ (HERO Ver.)

13‘Wrong Number’ (MAX Ver.)

14‘Wrong Number’ (Xiah Ver.)

15‘Wrong Number’ (U-Know Ver.)

16‘Wrong Number’ (Micky Ver.)

17[SBS Music Program] 080224 인기가요 Special Stage ‘Purple Line’

18080928 인기가요 Comeback Special

19‘주문-MIROTIC’, ‘Love in the Ice’, ‘Hey!(Don’t Bring Me Down)’

20081005 인기가요 ‘주문-MIROTIC’

21081012 인기가요 ‘주문-MIROTIC’&뮤티즌송 수상1

22081019 인기가요 ‘주문-MIROTIC’&뮤티즌송 수상2

23081026 인기가요 ‘주문-MIROTIC’&뮤티즌송 수상3

24081130 인기가요 ‘Wrong Number’

25081207 인기가요 ‘Wrong Number’

26081230 가요대전 [‘주문-MIROTIC’, ‘Wrong Number’]


1                 [MAKING FILM] Theater Drama ‘VACATION’ : TVXQ! Story

2Theater Drama ‘VACATION’: U-Know Story

3Theater Drama ‘VACATION’: HERO Story

4Theater Drama ‘VACATION’: MAX & Xiah Story

5Theater Drama ‘VACATION’: Micky Story

6‘Purple Line’ M/V Sketch

7‘Purple Line’ Special Stage[SBS인기가요]Behind Story

8Special FanMeeting (1) “4862 Scandal”

9‘주문-MIROTIC’ Jacket Sketch (A,B Ver.)

10‘주문-MIROTIC’ M/V Sketch

11청소년에게 꿈과 희망을 - ‘東方神起 가을 미니 콘서트’ Press Conference

12‘주문-MIROTIC’ The 1st Stage[SBS인기가요] Behind Story

13‘주문-MIROTIC’ Jacket Sketch (C Ver.)

14‘Wrong Number’ M/V Sketch

15Special FanMeeting (2) “You`re My Flower Lady”

16All about 東方神起 Season3 - TVXQ!’s Special Holiday In Saipan Diary

17All about 東方神起 Season3 - Jacket Sketch

18All about 東方神起 Season3 - Exclusive M/V ‘노을..바라보다(Picture Of You)’ Sketch

19All about 東方神起 Season3 - TVXQ!’s Saipan Coconut Secret Story

20The 3rd Asia Tour Concert - ‘O’ Poster Photo Sketch

21YAMAHA Promotion: 2009 Bangkok Motor Show


1[SHOW : SBS-TV ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM Collection] 080223 ‘라인업’

2080302 ‘기적의 승부사’ - MAX, Xiah, U-Know

3080921 청소년에게 꿈과 희망을 - ‘東方神起 가을 미니 콘서트’

4[‘Rising Sun’, ‘Hey!(Don’t Bring Me Down)’,?‘Love In The Ice’, ‘주문-MIROTIC’]

5081002 ‘김정은의 초콜릿’ No Cut Story

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