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*Product name and model name: Tiffany Bathroom Accessories Set / P0000LDH
*In case obtained certification and permission by law can be identified, matters which have to check relating to it
Design registration, utility model registration, trademark registration, material analysis table, A certificate of registration of design, Galvanizing test certificate
*Manufacturing country: Korea
*Manufacturer: TGCO INC-KOREA


Tiffany Bathroom Accessories Set

Structure: 1 set (towel hanger, soap stand, clothes hanger, cup stand, toilet paper hanger)
Materials: Stainless, ABS, brass, die-cast zinc alloy
Color: Chrome

The Tiffany bathroom accessory set has an attractive cubic design.

Product characteristics

1. Made of zinc, copper, etc. for each part
2. 5 bathroom accessories in 1 set, perfect for family, hotel or restaurant bathrooms. The set consists of a towel hanger, paper hanger, soap stand, cup stand and clothes hanger. (10 boxes/1 carton)
3. Easy and quick installation through brackets.
4. You can use an interval guide tool to easily measure distances and install the towel hanger, cup stand and soap stand.
5. Made of nonferrous components so it doesn't rust.

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