[DRAN] Joyoon Saeng gi Toner 130ml


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- Volume: 130ml
- For all skin types
- How to use: Dab toner onto a cotton ball and gently rub on your face and neck following the texture of your skin.
- Whitening & Anti-age (anti-wrinkle) components certified by KFDA
- Manufacturer: Dran Co.,Ltd
- Country of origin: Korea

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20 kinds of Medicinal Herbs + Premium Oil Therapy + Anti-aging

Enhance Skin Barrier

Botanical oils present the highest guarantees in terms of quality and authentication including Macadamia seed oil, Jojoba seed oil and these are essential to maintaining the skin barrier and improving the function of the skin. Well-known for water magnet such as Beta-glucan and Hyaluronic acid replenish skin integrity for beautiful shine.

Original Herbal (Oriental)

Joyoon series that is composed of premium oriental ingredients keep the optimum skin condition as it effectively controls skin prolems caused by various reasons by delivering abundant nutrients, moisture and various active ingredients deep into the skin. Oriental energy that fills up from the root of the skin helps recovering gloss of the skin as it makes the skin shines naturally.

Premium Oil Therapy

Abundant active ingredients in botanical oils (Macadamia, Meadow foam, Jojoba seed oils) that help control oil and moisture balance effectively and restore the light of the skin from the nature.


Herbal ingredients with bioactive substance renew the youthful light of your skin by regenerating skin cell and reducing active oxygen which is main cause of aging skin. Skin is left feeling smooth and looking younger while it protects the skin from harmful environment.

JOYOON Product Line

Joyoon Saeng Gi Toner 130ml

A vitalizing toner for silky & elastic skin texture

Joyoon Saeng Gi Lotion 130ml

A nutrient-rich lotion with medicinal herbs

Joyoon Saeng Gi Essence 40ml

A skin rejuvenating essence for skin regeneration

Joyoon Saengi Gi Cream 50g

A total care cream to reveal natural skin radiance

Joyoon Saeng Gi Eye Cream 25g (Tube Type) / 30g

A moisturizing eye cream for sensitive eye area

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