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* SIZE: 95*95mm
* CAPACIFI: 420ml
* WEIGHT: 588 g
* COLOR: White
* MATERIAL: ceramic

Erato is a specialized porcelain company that designs and manufactures porcelains and has produced a number of porcelains for over 20 years based on its experience in manufacture and distribution. Departed from a uniform design that large manufacturers produce, Erato designs porcelains with practicality and variety to fulfill the wants of consumers and is growing to be the frontrunner in the industry. 

The Lumi Brand
Lumi, derived from the word 'luminous', is a brand that grafted the two values of possession and utility by rendering
the meaning of "something that specially belonged to myself alone" adding ornamentation, the characteristic of accessories, beyond the frame of the existing products. We produced high quality mugs using Swarovski crystal as well as introducing artworks of the illustrators for the production of high standard products. Lumi satisfies the needs of possession by cherishing the meaning of a gem that proves the precious value of oneself illuminating her. The entire process of Lumi is authenticated with MADE IN KOREA,encouraging trust of the products.

Lumi characters

Vely of Lumi Mug is a sweet lamb from Waikato of New Zealand who finds delight in naps, likes to cook and eat together, and is a pleasant friend to be with fortaking rests.

* Caution with Lumi 
1. Lumi are ceramic ware products. Exterior impacts can cause damage to the product, so handle with care.
2. Since Swarovski attached to Lumi is a crystal, be careful of damagewhen cleaning, and avoid using a microwave or oven. 

* Lumi A/S Information
If the Lumi crystal falls off, please send with the receipt of purchase by home-delivery service, and free repairs are  available one year from the date of purchase without any extra charge. However, the cost for round trip delivery service in time of an A/S is in the purchaser's share, and the damage or loss in the course of delivery due to packing negligence or error in home-delivery service will not be indemnified.



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