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* The meaning of pattern:Bamboo - high-class, strong spirit

* Product Composition: comb, leather case, manual, warranty card

* Product Size: 112mm x 52mm x 10mm (It may vary as the product is handmade)

* Material: HARD MAPLE

* Weight: 24g (It may vary as the product is handmade )

* Manufacturer: Dooroo D&D Inc.

* Made in Korea

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'The comb that Haejin Park, who starred in 'Lover from Star,' gave to Zhang Liang as a gift.

Spirit Comb expresses trust, integrity, and everlasting love.

The meaning of a comb

  • Love – In Asia, a comb is a must-have item for marriage from old times. When a man proposes to a woman, he sends a comb and a mirror in the ham(box of wedding gifts). For the bride family, accepting the ham indicates that they approve their marriage.
  • Richness- Sunpa( 順髮 ), meaning to arrange hair neatly with a comb, is polysemic with “ Shunpa(順发)” which means making money reasonably in China so they buy a comb as a symbol of richness and present it to their acquaintances as well.
  • Health- Combing can help improve the health of the scalp by smoothing the blood circulation. In oriental medicine, there are 12 hard pulses and 40 Gi-energy spot areas. The major Gi-enery spots are concentrated in the head so combing is to stimulate these areas and clear the head by stimulating a blood circulation. Indeed, combing is scientifically proven to have preventive effects with such problems as dizziness insomnia, eye fatigue, dandruff and even hair loss.

<Features of Master's Spirit Wooden Comb >

  • * Natural wooden comb that makes scalp healthy
    When combed regularly like massaging the scalp, dead skin cells on the scalp are removed and blood circulation improves. Master's Spirit comb made with natural material helps to maintain healthy hair and clean scalp, regenerate tissues, and relieve stress.
  • * Comb teeth construction and finishing for scalp
    As Master's Spirit comb has thick comb teeth, they are good for scalp massaging. The tips of the comb teeth are rounded and the column is carved to minimize scalp irritation. Moreover, natural wooden comb does not cause static electricity.
  • * Wooden inlaid pattern
    Patterns on the comb are put on using wooden inlaid technique. Wooden inlaid technique is done by carving out the pattern and filling it in with carved wooden pieces. The colors are expressed only with the natural colors of wood, and natural wood texture is visible in each pattern.
  • * Handcrafted by a master
    Master's Spirit combs are handcrafted by masters with more than 20 years of experience. It is delicately beautiful with durability and perfect finishing.
  • * Made with hardwood
    The combs are made with carefully chosen hardwood. Thus, they are durable and the natural textures and patterns of wood are present on the combs.

<Healthy combing technique>

  1. According to Dongibogam, a traditional Korean medicine text, it is stated that frequent combing can clear eyes and prevent strokes. Comb over 100 times every morning. It helps to maintain health by stimulating blood circulation on the scalp. Upon returning home at the end of the day, comb in the opposite direction of the hair texture as if you are taking dirt off the hair. It keeps your hair and scalp clean and makes your hair roots strong. When your head is heated up and your neck stiffens due to stress and tension, comb down the neck and to the shoulders. Your head will cool down as blood circulation improves.


handmade comb

handmade comb

handmade comb

handmade comb

Comb mount with mirror
Place it on your desk or table and use it to mount your comb.
The mirror comes handy when combing hair and fixing makeup.
Present your comb gift with the mount. The recipient will be even more pleased.

handmade comb

handmade comb

handmade comb

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