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Bio Powerstrong is a engine oil additive for improving fuel-efficiency after putting it into the engine oil and improving exhaust gas by boosting complete combustion. This make the fuel efficiency up to 15% over, and strong the engine power up to 40% over. And also it reduce the smoke pollution down to 80%. Then it save the energy economically for this high oil price age, and save the earth from the global warming and climate change.

1. Characteristics of Bio PowerStong 

Bio Power Strong is created with the best technical skills for customers. 

Car engine gets worn out or weaken as impurities inside the engine oil as iron powder(metal powder) scratch the inner wall of cylinder and piston ring, 

and as such phenomenon repeats, the abrasion of engine accelerates and generates vicious cycle of weaker power, declined fuel efficiency, increased noise, and shortened engine oil exchange cycle. 

Bio Power Strong can bring considerable cost saving effect and productivity improvement by improving mileage, 

lubricant performance, prevents overload, abrasion, and noise because it prevents such overall phenomenon caused by 

abrasion of metal because the warm booting gets possible when you first start a car, and is making great contribution in reducing personal cost 

as well as national and social cost as reducing environmental pollution by significantly reducing the exhaust of waste oil, fumes, and other polluted materials.



   2. Expected effect of Bio Power Strong

   (1) Car engine/transmission life extension

- Engine wear rate "0"

- No Dry-Start

- No cylinder Pore Polishing phenomenon

   (2) Restores 10-year old car engine like a new car.

- Prevents deposits or sludge

- Restoration effect of damaged tribo-surface(Chemical Tuning)

- Restoration and regeneration effect of hardened guide sealing.

   (3) Decreases fuel consumption

- Induces complete combustion with high-side explosion

- Eliminates energy loss

   (4) Improves lubricant performance

- Prevents deterioration/oxidation of lubricant(noticeably lowers average temperature of lubricant)

- Prevents foreign substances from penetrating into gas or engine

- Removes engine overheating phenomenon

   (5) Noise & exhaust reduction

- Significantly reduces friction noise

- Removes carbon from muffler with perfect combustion

- Reduces Blow-By gas

   (6) Increases engine output

- Increases output with high voltage explosion

- Eliminates energy loss

- Starts the turbo engine at 120km/h   

-Prevents sudden acceleration accidents because mission oil does not flow down.

- Eliminates the oil discordance phenomenon

- Maintains soft and smooth change of speed function(eliminates Quick-Down phenomenon)

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