[MOMBEF] Baby Soap (7 Bundle)


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1. Volume and weight : 90g x 7
2. Product specification (skin type, color etc.) : Suitable for all skin type, 7 Bundle
3. Best before date & shelf life after opened (printed in parallel to best before date) : Manufactured on 2015-11-5, 12 months after opened
4. Usage : In reference to product description
5. Manufacturer & distributor : SOKY C&T Co., Ltd. / BOBECOS Co., Ltd.
6. Country of origin : South Korea
7. Main ingredients (For organic skin care product, the content of organic ingredients are stated) : Palm cream soap
8. Did functional cosmetics be inspected by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Whitening, anti-wrinkle, sun protection etc.) : Not relevant

[MOMBEF] Baby Soap (7 Bundle)

[MOMBEF] Baby Soap (7 Bundle)

[MOMBEF] Baby Soap (7 Bundle)

[MOMBEF] Baby Soap (7 Bundle)


  1. When the eyes, please wash with clean water.

  2. Do not use for any purpose other than cleaning the human body.

  3. Keep out of reach of infants.

  4. If abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, stop using it.

Quality assurance : 3 years

Consumer service hotline : 032-227-0015

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