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[JINNYS] 9 plates Alkaline water ionizer CREWELTER


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After install at the kitchen, 9 cell platinum coated electrodes electrolyze normal purified water and make alkaline ionized water which is good for health. Surely, it has purifying function and also 9 levels(4 alkaline levels, 4 acidic levels, purifying mode) of alkaline-water-flooding system. You can use touch sensor system and be easily checked how many life remain because auto-voice system alert itself. Using 2 bulk storage filters extend life. Also front-sliding-door system to change filter very easily, so customers can change filter themselves. Auto cleaning system will clean itself if you didn’t use device certain period, so customers always can drink clean-healthy water.

Product name : CREWELTER
Brand name : JINNYS CO., LTD.
Type : Alkaline Water Ionizer
Color type : 5 types (White, Black, White-Black, Silver, Wood)
Size : 350*350*150mm
Weight : 9.5kg
Max. Water Flow : 1~4LPM
pH range : 3.0~11.5

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