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About the Product
Certify of Ministry of Food and Drug safety Whitening,wrinkle dual function cosmatic
CGMP production product Certify of Ministry of Food and Drug safety
Dermatology tested and approved( KDRI)
Pores and sebum, nutrient rich. calms the flush, calms the skin, cleansing of skin and astriction.
Specializes in every blood type, made specifically for and reinforces a certain blood type.
A makeup of common ringer cream components; made with aloe vera leaf extract, portulaca extract, dragon tree extract, honey extract, royal jelly extract.
B Blood Essence Linger Water Mask provides plenty of nutrients and moisture to your skin. - fruit/ periderm ingredient, strengthening of concentration mask sheet.

Product Description

Skin type : For all skin types

Details : Whitening and Anti-age (anti-wrinkle) components certified by KFDA

Product Information

B Blood Essence Linger Water Mask B type ingredients are inventions from Aboskin life science technology, providing plenty of nutrients and keeps the skin moist for the whole day.
You feel the difference immediately by using ABoskin mask.

Tested and approved safely by KDRI(Korea design research institute) and was shown to enhances the skin's elasticity, brightening, moisture, resulting in sebum control and the ability close up pores.

What is Tencel?
Tencel is a well-being fiber that feels smooth and has moisture adjustment ability, made with 100% natural Eucalyptus extract.
The tensel sheets feel smooth and have low friction, sticking to the skin giving you the 2nd skin like feel.
Low chance of the essence dripping down and feels excellent even after applying.
Can hold lots of essence, allowing focus care.

How to use ;
1.After cleansing, even out skin using a toner.Take the mask out of its package, unfold, and place the sheet on the face.
2.Rest comfortably for 10-20 minutes and remove the mask.
3.Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin

Capacity : 25g X10ea (1set)

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