[Mikeep] Whale Chica Chica Toothbrush Holder


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* Product Name : Chica Chica Toothbrush Holder
* Manufacturer : Mikeep
* Made in China(oem)
* Size : Silicone 35x50x55mm
* Weight : 31g
* Person in Charge of Warranty: Jungeol Kwon 070-4680-3272

* This is a toothbrush holder. It's attachable on the glass.
* Please refer to the pictures for the usage.
* We have various characters but please notice that this includes ONLY 1 of WHALE Toothbrush Holder.
toothbrush holder

Chica Chica Toothbrush Holder is hygienic as it holds toothbrushes upside-down. It can be easily sanitized in a microwave oven or boiling water as it is made with premium platinum silicon.

It even holds thin toothbrushes. Mikeep is a genuine Korean brand. toothbrush holder

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