KID-CLEAN (Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coating Antimicrobials)


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1. Name and Model Name [KID-CLEAN]
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3. The country of origin or country of origin [Republic of Korea]
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 Antimicrobial agents can be divided into organic and inorganic antimicrobial biocide. For the majority of the organic antimicrobial product which was mostly toxic products, immediate sterilization is high but durability is falling. In contrast, inorganic antimicrobials has high durability but immediate sterilization is falling. Also the price is uncompetitive.
  KID-CLEAN is a hybrid sustained and coated antimicrobial made of an organic compound and an inorganic compound in the ionization synthesis techniques.




  Antiseptic / Antibacterial / Disinfectant

[ICID Name]

  KID-CLEAN Liquid

[Raw material]

  Content 100%


  Brown Transparent (translucent white when mixed)

[Storage method or storage method]

  Stored at room temperature


 Jintech Co.,Ltd / Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do town yangchon golden nadong No. 117 440 (Mecca zone)

[Shelf Life]

  3 years from date of manufacture

[Production date]

  Specifically stamped on each product


  ISO 9001:2008/KS Q ISO 9001:2009

  ISO 14001:2004/KS I ISO 4001:2009


  It is used as a sterilizing and antibacterial of bacteria and viruses.

[How to use]

  - Water 1,000ml: KID-CLEAN 10ml (0.5%) diluted

  ( 0.5% of the total use of the product )

  - The injection and mix the master batch 5% PE, PP, and ABS, HIPS, etc. material.

[How to use]

  - Before use

   1) Check the packaging and the expiry of the product.

 2) The user must use before use after fully aware about the purpose and usage notes.

  - How to use

 1) When mixed with water and the mixing ratio is 99: 1 to a ratio of it complains enough to the spray part.

 2) When using a disinfectant solution, and mix with purified water, please dipping disinfection enough to be sterilized

 3) When used in combination with other products used in combination with 1% to 3% depending on the viscosity of the raw material.

  - Storage after use

 1) After use, close the lid and store the remaining product in a shady place.


 1. WARNING: For this product, please do not ever drink. Take the prescription of a doctor immediately if swallowed, please keep out of reach of children.

 2. Notices

  1) Prohibit the use of sterilization and antibacterial purposes.

  2) The appearance and packaging of the products shall be prohibited to use if damaged or contaminated.

  3) Forbid not to drink and applying directly to the skin.

 The product can be exchanged or compensated based on consumer dispute resolution criteria notice the Fair Trade Commission.

[Consumer Counseling]


[Product Features]

 1. The powerful antiseptic effect and antibacterial antiseptic ∙

  With a safe and a small amount to Polymer compound harmless it is also highly effective effect can be maintained for a long time.

  In the case of common organic antimicrobial resistant microorganisms caused by bacteria that have grown resistant to MRSA, etc. later. But kid-clean exert the antimicrobial safety and complements the shortcomings of resistant microorganisms does not cause itself only organic antimicrobial agents and strongly in most of the microorganisms on the planet.

 2. Antibacterial endurance (maintaining excellent weatherability)

  Most antimicrobial agents are antimicrobial activity after a certain period of time, KID-CLEAN is the first state retains the antimicrobial activity. (Continuous antibacterial, antiseptic, a preservative effect is maintained with a single use.)

  Organic solvents and strongly acidic, basic retention is excellent, even without loss of antimicrobial activity. Also in the liquid state to maintain a strong mutual bond strength to continue the antibiotic.

 3. Antibacterial-binding material

  Any material and also good to be mixing well to exert antimicrobial activity. ∙ Our products are made of organic-inorganic hybrid polymer mixture is no surface segregation. Therefore, you can use any cosmetics.

 4. Heat Safety

  KID-CLEAN can be applied to a variety of 250 degrees to 1,260 degrees. It also delivers an antibacterial, antiseptic function regardless of the temperature.

 5. Human toxicity

  Human harmless / NTP, LARC, OSHA Carcinogen None


 Areas that typically apply an antimicrobial agent to the plastic and paper products are much in demand in the field of home appliances, paint, stationery, toiletries, kitchen supplies and more.

 Clean Kid (KID-CLEAN) are dairy products, hospital supplies, industrial supplies, electronic products, clothing, interior architectural products such as applied to a variety of industries

 1. Various antibacterial / bactericidal / preservative product is required

 2. Various antibacterial plastic products

 3. Antibacterial industrial sector

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