[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)


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Name of product warm water mat Boiler
Color Random
Size & weight
One channel 170 x 82 x 255 mm // 1.7 kg
Two channel 180 x 290 x 135 mm // 2.1 kg
Proper temperature : 20~60℃
Rated voltage : 220V~, 60Hz, 250W // 220V~, 60Hz, 450W

Manufacture : Cheongwoon Co., ltd.
Made in KOREA

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[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)

[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)

2015 latest model!

It can be connected more conveniently with One Touch valve.

It has been upgraded more easily and conveniently when connected to the mat with the small valve.

With the individually customized healthy sound sleep features Cheonggwoon warm water keeps even during your sleep.

Once the sleep button is pressed the sleeping mode is displayed step-by-step.

Basic (temperature maintained)

  1. 1. Press the [Sleep button]  x 1 :::  Those who are sensitive to cold
  2. 2. Press the [Sleep button]  x 2 :::  Those who are sensitive to heat
  3. 3. Press the [Sleep button]  x 3 :::  A lot of people ride the heat

Because the sleep mode  of warm water mat controls the temperature of the warm water mat digitally,

it provides personalized sound sleep inducing sound sleep by varying the temperature from the bed time to the wake-up time of the user.

[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)

[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)

[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)

Natural circulation method?

It is the way such that the suction pressure of the vacuum generated due to the difference of the temperatures circulates the warm water naturally,

It is the ecological warm water circulation method that resolved fundamentally the noise and durability problems that are generated in the way such as the forced circulation by using the motors

[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)

Be prepared for winter!

Essential items for cozy and snug winter!

We wish you to have warm winter with the whole family together with Cheongwoon warmwater products.

Cheongwoon promises to cumstomers! 

2-year warranty A/S

++[Cheongwoon] warm water mat Boiler (One /Two Channel)

If you have any questions please contact us

Tel. +82-70-5030-1171

email : cheongwoonelect@gmail.com

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