Phytoncide portable oxygen cans PureO2 Mist 3ea 1set


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* Model : Phytoncide portable oxygen cans PureO2 Mist
* Requirements for confirmation/authorization by law : Telemarketing business registration(No 2013-Seoul Sungdong-#0362)
* Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea
* Manufacturer : elfair inc


A new concept of oxygen can that contains phytoncide extract and pure oxygen. Enjoy refreshing oxygen in the forest like mist. Invention patent No.10-1146528 of using undiluted phytoncide extract/ Invention patent No.10-1292122. It's suffocating. Cities where breathing is difficult because of fine dust, yellow dust, and air pollution!!! I want to leave to the forest... My akin ia charging oxygen everyday! Oxygen therapy inside my purse. My skin wants to breath clean oxygen!! Stress is the enemy of skin! Oxygen therapy that I cannot receive everyday! Invention patent of daily skin relaxation with natural phytoncide and pure oxygen! PureO2 Oxygen for stuffiness, sleepiness, and stress! Vitality! Find dust! Stress from working in a suffocating office where it's hard to ventilate!! Refresh your body and mind anywhere with air in the forest~ Ah... Stress... I want to get out of this stuffy office. Strongly recommend for examinees and smokers! Charge your body healthily without caffeine and nicotine! Right now!! Do you want to feel the forest? Pure O2 is the one!! BRAND STORY phytoncide + oxygen = PureO² PureO2 is the product created for any modern people who are tired of living in cities to enjoy fresh oxygen of the forest anywhere in the city. Use mat that contains natural phytoncide extract with no impurities but 95% of pure oxygen inside the oxygen can anywhere at any time. Oxygen for our body! Pure O2 is created with Grade A ingredients. Oxygen and phytoncide at once! You can enjoy refreshing natural air with patented aerosol cap designed to spray oxygen and scent of phytoncide at once. Phytoncide concentrate directly extracted from the cypress tree. Grade A natural pulp mat. Unlike general phytoncide extracted from fallen leaves of the cypress tree, you can enjoy fragrant and deep fragrance of the forest as the Grade A phytoncide extract without impurities is contained in Grade A pulp mat. Antioxidant aluminum can. Steel cans in general cause oxidation when they get in contact with oxygen and have a fishy smell. Pure O2 used inoxidizable high-quality aluminum can that you can breathe in oxygen of crystalline purity even after long time. Oxygen can? What is oxygen can? Now, people buy clean water that it is time to buy clean and pure oxygen to breathe. Supply of oxygen can became vitalized already throughout the world and people purchasing oxygen to breathe in increased in areas with no clean air. Oxygen can is used when people want to breathe in clean air as well as in various fields as skin aging prevention, improvement of work performance, and sports. It is time to enjoy clean oxygen which is the essential energy source of our body like water. When you lack oxygen!! That's when you need Pure O2!! When you feel stuffy indoor, when you can't focus on work or studying, when you're falling asleep while driving, when you have trouble with breathing because of the atmospheric pressure difference, when you are out of breath after intense exercise or hiking... Concentration and memory deterioration. Brain weighs only 2% of the whole body weight but the oxygen consumption reaches 25% of the whole. When oxygen is not sufficiently supplied to the brain that requires this much oxygen, problems with concentration or memory arise.

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