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* Composition: 250ml
* Material: PE
* Size: 170(W)× 60(D)× 150(H)mm
* Weight: 750g

Germanium Energy Shampoo

Are you worried about hair loss?

Do you still use shampoo with preservatives?

It relieves dandruff and itchiness.

It causes no skin irritation.

It contains no carcinogen and no preservatives.

This product is eco-friendly as a functional cosmetic of invention patent(No.0116675),

 has no added antiseptic, contains no carcinogens and has a special monovalence

 for which we have the only public certificate domestically. The Germanium Energy Shampoo

and Conditioner have excellent effects on hair cleansing, prevention of hair loss,

dandruff and itchiness etc.

The ingredient germanium redoubles its efficacy by transmitting abundant minerals

and oxygen deeply into the scalp and hair, helping smoothen and revitalize damaged hair.

The ingredient platinum-nano has an excellent sterilizing and anti-bacterial

 effect on various germs like pneumonia, bacillus coli and food poisoning viruses

 which can be parasitic on hair and scalp, protecting scalp and damaged hair from germs.

This Germanium Energy Shampoo and Conditioner have 12 article certifications met by

officially authenticated governmental tests (domestic only) and also contain

 American FDA safety approval materials(No.03280401B). Our products are

 presently being exported to the USA and we have completed an export contract

 with 20 countries including Canada.

Structure of Germanium


- A germanium molecule consists of 3 oxygen and 1 germanium. Its structure is also unstable, so it connects with A.O easily, and then they become a harmless water.
- It supplies abundant oxygen to your skin!
- It radiates far-infrared ray and anion which makes our scalp healthy.


Platinum and Minerals

- Platinum which has strong antibiotic power included.

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Nano-sized minerals are easily absorbed to hair and scalp because of its tiny particle size and make it healthier and shiny.

Mineral Energy Shampoo & Conditioner & Body Cleanser



- Platinum and minerals decrease dandruffs &
molds and offer good nutrition.
- Far-infrared ray promotes blood circulation.
- Germanium supplies rich oxygen into hair and
- It decreases scalp and hair trouble because of
the natural manufacturing process.
- FDA approval No. 03280401b

- Promotes blood circulation and makes skin
- Postpones to age skin by supplying rich
oxygen of germanium.
- Decreases skin trouble because of the natural
manufacturing process.
- Decreases germs and viruses on the human

Test Report

Germanium Test Report

Platinum Nano-Test Report



It redoubles its efficacy by transmitting many minerals and nutritious ingredients into scalp and skin deep and helps soothing tired, rough skin and revitalize skin and scalp because it contains abundant oxygen.

The ingredient platinum nano has an excellent sterilizing and anti-bacterial effect on various germs like pneumonia bacilus coli and food poisoning viruses which can be parasitic on hair and scalp. That’s why it has features to protect scalp and damaged hair and itching etc.
from germs. Many kinds of nutritious materials are well absorbed in hair
because of platinum nano which help keep hair shiny, vital well cleansed.

Skin Irritation Test Report



As a result of skin irritation test, it proved to be negative.
(The one below is the result tested 20 adults.)

Test Report of Bacteria



This product can solve the previous problem of weak sterilizing strength(99.9%) over pneumonia, basillus coli, staphylococcus aureus, which are parasitic on scalp and hair and can be transmitted faster into the scalp and hair without damaging.

The Quantitative Analysis of Antiseptic Test Report


The Story of Chemical Preservative, Carcinogen

"Skip Deep", an organization of the USA consumer environment, reported the surprising result of an investigation in 2002 last year. As a result of collecting and investigating toiletries which are sold in the market or shopping mall like shampoo and soap etc., chemicals that can cause cancer had been found in 19 of the 24 items, fifteen among 5 them were shampoos for children and babies and bath items. The strong carcinogenic chemical, 1,4 dioxine, which is used in cleansing agents, polish and lamination agents, was found among the detected materials and surprised American consumers.

The more serious problem is that manufacturing companies didn't indicate even a single line about the fact that these ingredients were contained in the products.
"Skin Deep" has been engaged in shopping the legal sale of these products, saying that manufacturing companies ignored the removal of carcinogens in the process of production even through this could be done. [bibliography: Not just a Pretty Face, The ugly Side of Beauty Industry (written by Stacy Malkan)]
*Is this "carcinogen shock on shampoo" the USA's only problem The problem is that these products are manufactured by giant enterprises and some are known to have been sold in Korea.

Carcinogens even in normal shampoo May 16th. 2009(Sat.)
[Seoul Daily Newspaper] It was found out that Formaldehyde, a carcinogen, was detected in normal shampoos as well as baby shampoos of multi-national enterprises. According to the Korea Consumer Agency, OIKO Test - a testing institute for consumer goods in Germany - announced on May 15th that formaldehyde was detected in some of the shampoos sold domestically.

Safety Controversy over Carcinogen Detection from Foreign Shampoos Naver World News
[Life/Culture] 21:39 PM May 15, 2009.
Followed by the detection of formaldehyde and dioxine in 'Johnson's Baby Shampoo and 'Bubble Bath' of the big company, Johnson & Johnson, some carcinogens were also detected even in normal German shampoos. So the safety issues in Korea are also rising. The Korean Consumer Agency said that a carcinogen in some shampoos sold in Germany.

Far Infrared Rays Radiation Test Report


Far Infrared Rays Function

- Far infrared emission
- Improvement of blood circulation
- Anti-bacterial, Anti-mold
- Smell Removal, emission of an anion
- Removal of fluidic matter of heavy metal
- Blocking ultraviolet rays


Anion Test Report


Anions revitalize the cells by neutralizing oxidized

substances in our bodies that cause aging and diseases.

 They also increase metabolism, resistance and the level

 of immunity and act the purification of blood, recover

fatigues, stable autonomic nerves, alleviate pains and

 remove the substances causing atopy and have a

 great antibiosis on germs or molds

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