[ACE BEDDINGS] Study Cushion 'Cookie' (3D Mesh) One Size


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- Study Cushion ‘Cookie’ is made with a mesh-type 3D cushioning; easy wash and drying; great hygiene; for all 4 seasons; ergonomically designed to help maintain proper posture; great everywhere
- Size: 40cm(16in) x 40cm(16in) x 3cm(1.2in) / Weight: 500g (20oz)
- How to wash: Hand wash only. Air dry. Do not bleach.
- Material: Polyester 100% (Fabric made in Germany
- Country of origin: Korea

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About the product:


The 3D study cushion ‘Cookie’ is a functional cushion which works well in any surroundings such as schools, companies, libraries, restaurants, and vehicles as it is more resilient and comfortable. Comes in luxurious colors and designs than existing 3D study cushions.

As it is a mesh-type 3D space structure with thick cushioning materials between two fabrics. 

It is possible to wash it easily and dry it quickly because it does not absorb moisture. It is protected from stubborn stains and harmful germs, thus assuring excellent hygiene management. 


* Excellent resilience and restitution

  - As it is made of 3 layers of 12mm mesh fabric, it is highly resilient than other products available in the market.

  - 3-layer 3cm

  - When you sit on the 3D study cushion ‘Cookie’, you will feel very comfortable.

   - Regains its shape back even after using it for long hours. 

  - The 3D study cushion is a 3-layered mesh cushion which keeps you comfortable 

  - The 3D study cushion ‘Cookie’ is different from similar products available in the market. As it is made of 3 layers of 12mm 3D mesh fabric, its cushion is not hard like one-layered products or not weak like two-layered products.

  - Well-ventilated construction

  -It can be used all year-round. Cool in summer! Warm in winter!

  - The 3D fabric developed in Germany is a new 3D space material made of polyester fiber. As it is well ventilated and does not absorb moisture, you will feel cool in summer. Besides, you will feel warm even in winter as it keeps the air inside the cushion at a certain temperature.

  - Ergonomically designed to help maintain proper posture and provide stability while seated

 - Great for study chairs, desk chairs, cars, etc .


[ACE BEDDINGS] Study Cushion 'Cookie' (3D Mesh) One Size



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