[A&G] Brush Iron


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* Weight : 0.284kg
* Size : 18mm/22mm/26mm/32mm
* Surface temperature : 130/150/170/190
* Consumption of electrical power : 60Hz 25W * Power supply : AC220V

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What it does

- This is a curl-brush for styling quickly and easily that functions as a blow dryer, comb, straightener and curler. (4-in-one)

- There is a ceramic brace located inside the brush which heats up the brush. It does not heat up all the way to the top

  so you do not have to worry about burning yourself. (we have a patent, no. 10-0810941)

- It is very easy to use. so it is very suitable to the professionals and to the public consumers who do not get used to use it as well.

- It is safe to use because the crib is resistant to heat.

- It does not make noise as it used. And it is able to be used various types of skills depends on the length and deigns of the hair.

- Brush Iron makes you have such a glossy hair without any harmful influences or getting burnt.

[A&G] Brush Iron

[A&G] Brush Iron

[A&G] Brush Iron

[A&G] Brush Iron

[A&G] Brush Iron

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1. Keep away from children or infants to reduce the risk of danger.

2. Do not place or use the appliance near the combustion could be liable with the material such as gasoline, benzene

3. Do not ever try to operate the appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug.

    It causes the fire, or electric shock.

4. Switch off the appliance and unplug it after use.

    It causes the risks such as fire or any related accidents.

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