Breast Pump


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* Material :Microfiber downfill (Micro fabric Downfill100%)
* Effectiveness: hygienic as it prevents the penetration of dust mites which causes various skin troubles and diseases


This product was developed for mothers suffering from finger pain.


It requires no force from fingers and as a result no pain is felt on wrist.

It only requires a gentle push and pull to activate extraction.

This oil-less bearing item uses a piston method that does not use any oil.

A large electric break pump cylinder is used to realize a certain pressure level.

This item features a self-pressure control system where pressure is increased by the amount of pushing force applied,

and thereby the user can reduce nipple pain by controlling pressure.

Extract and breast-feed without the feeding bottle, and there’s no need to wash or sanitize the feeding bottles.

This simple and convenient item comes with a backdraft preventing feature and easy cleansing method with a simple push and pull motion.






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