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- Speed Dropper Auto Stick : For Trekking Pole !
- Speed Dropper Auto Stick is a stick whose length can be freely controlled with a button.
- This is an automatic stick that maximizes users' convenience through adopting the best materials and new technology.
- Unlike conventional sticks whose length is controlled by loosening them with grasping power, this automatic stick can be easily controlled by pressing a button.
-This stick (for hiking, walking and for old persons) which provides convenience with free automatic length control can be safely used while hiking and walking.
Speed Dropper
- The length of Speed Dropper can be softly controlled into all positions within the range of travelling by model.
- Length control according to geographical features
- Speed Dropper Auto Stick can be adjusted to a user's height by pulling the first piece of the stick and fixing it to a groove and then pressing the button holding it at a right angle!
- People can automatically control sticks with just operating the button while hiking or walking without stopping!
- As sticks can controlled conveniently and quickly, they provide the highest exercise effect without cutting the rhythm!
Speed Dropper Trekking Adjustable Pole Headlines
Latest Technology and Product Information

Speed Dropper Auto Stick Details:
1) The length of stick is freely adjusted with a button.
2) User’s convenience is maximized with the use of high-quality materials and new technologies.
3) Unlike the conventional use of grip to loosen and adjust length of stick, the length of this stick is easily adjusted with a button.
4) This stick offers convenience while hiking or walking with its automatic length adjustment function. Use this stick for safety (hiking, walking).

High Quality Al 7075
100% Domestic Developed Product
Not affected by seasonal changes (temperature and altitude).
Fix and lock in any position with the 10 million cycle compression spring constructed by a reliable mechanical design plan.
No need for air and oil with the reliable mechanical design plan.
We manage with the best customer services and great reliability.

▶ Whether you are climbing uphill or downhill, the length of this auto stick is automatically aligned with a push of a button located on the top of handle to fix itself on any inclination or angle.
▶ Just as you don’t always climb uphill to climb to the peak of a mountain, you don’t always climb downhill when descending a mountain.
▶ At this time you can adjust the length of stick to conform to the steepness of slope by pushing a button which only takes 0.5 seconds to operate.
average on an incline
- 5~10cm longer than average on a downslope
- On flatland, an optimum angle from elbow is 90 degrees.  
Adjustment by terrain
- 5~10cm shorter than

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