[Daap maeyul farming association] plum red pepper paste pickles


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- Volume/weight : 13.5*13.5*10,0.92kg,*450g
- Import declaration according to Food Sanitation Law : Not applicable
- Type of food : Pickle
- Nutrition facts : Fat 0%, cholesterol 0%, sodium 14%, carbohydrate 5%, dietary fiber 12%, Vitamin A 6%
- Baby food/diet food advertisement deliberation status : Not applicable
- Ingredients/contents : Plum pickle(Korean)75%, Plum red pepper paste(Korean) 25%
- Indications for GM foods : Not applicalbe
- Manufacturer : Daap maeyul farming association
- Date of manufacture : 2 years from manufacturing date


Plum red pepper paste pickles are the cordial product as it is made by mixing plum pickles which matured in a traditional storing way as mixing fine green plums gathered by self-farming and neighboring production houses with refined sugar and salt after cutting them into 5 or 7 pieces with mother like sincerity with red pepper paste. The product allows you to experience a crispy, chewy and sweet-sour flavor and taste. It is recommended when you lost your appetite, as a side dish for a meal, when you eat meat(especially boned rib of pork,'samgeopsal'), when you eat raw fish, as an appetizer dish with drinks.

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