[Agafura] Big Stroller Hook (set of 2; for all ages)


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* Agafura all-purpose baby carriage's big stroller hook (set of 2); size & weight: 2.5 x 5.1 inches / 2.7 oz.
* Material: pc, velcrotape
* Recommended age: for all ages; for boys and girls
* Manufacturer & country of origin : Miyeong Inc., Korea * Note: Keep product away from small children; check whether the product is fixed properly before using; DO NOT HANG ARTICLES OVER 5 KG (11 LB.) * Return-xchange-refund possible within 14days after purchasing; for customer service, please call: +82-31-234-9753

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[Agafura] Big Stroller Hook (set of 2; for all ages)


baby carriage's stroller hook

It's a big all-purpose baby carriage's stroller hookr(rotating type) 

and you can hang your belongings variously and conveniently.

It can be used to anyplaces such as baby's room, bathroom, door handle etc , 

be attached to baby carriage and hang bag or shopping bag to it at leave-time.

- It can be installed easily and simply as velcro type.

- It can be used variously regardless of the size of baby carriage with enough velcro size.

- It can be of wide use as necessary.

[Agafura] Big Stroller Hook (set of 2; for all ages)

* product name and model name: Agafura all-purpose baby carriage's big stroller hook
* KC certificated : not applicable 
* size, weight: 6.24 x 13cm/76g 
* color: red, black 
* material: pc, velcrotape
* use age: over 0 year
* the release date of the same model: 2013.07
* manufacturer : Miyeong Inc.
* country of manufacturing: the republic of korea *how to handle and precautions for handling
- never use other than the purpose of use
- prohibit to use other than using purpose
- don't be clse to fire.
- Be cautious for a child not to get into his/her mouth or play with it.
- check whether a product is fixed properly before using and use it.
- don't hang articles over 5 kg.
* the standard of quality assurance: return-xchange-refund possible within 14days after purchasing, /exchange to early defective goods 
* A/S person in charge and telephone number : 031-234-9753

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