[Agafura] Silicone Feeding Spoon


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* product name and model name: Agafura Silicone Feeding Spoon
* KC certificated : test report CT12-16297
* size, weight:: (width)1.9 x(length)15 x (height)1.6cm/20g
* color: green, blue, pink, yellow, orange
* material: silicon
* use age: over 4 months
* the release date of the same model: 2012 .03
* manufacturer : Miyeong Inc.
* country of manufacturing: the republic of korea
* how to use and precautions:
- sterilize this spoon in a cleaning agent or in boiling water and then use it.
- clean and keep it after using instantly
- If biting this spoon, his/her teeth marks may remains on product characterisitces.
- accoding to which foods like carrot or strawberry juice are used, this spoon maybe dyed but dont' warry about its sanitation.
- It may smells of unique silicone but that smells diesappear if sterilizing it in boiling water.
- Use under guardian protection to prevent this spoon to stain in a baby's throat..
* the standard of quality assurance: exchange-return-refund possible within 14days after purchasing,

/exchange to early defective goods : * A/S person in charge and telephone number : : 031-234-9753

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[Agafura] Silicone Feeding Spoon


No harmful to human body owing to being made of all- 100% non-toxic silicone material spoon.
Due to soft silicone material, it doesn't give any stimulus to child's gum or teeth
non-slippery product with a bump on handle part

[Agafura] Silicone Feeding Spoon

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