[Agafura] Silicone feeder (Ages 5 - 24 months)


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- Comes with 2 silicon filters of different sizies! (KC certificated : test report CT12-16296)
- Size: 2.1 in x 2.1 in x 5.2 in
- Material: body-PE, juice feeder-silicon
- Recommended age: 5 - 24 months
- Country of origin: Korea

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[Agafura] Silicone feeder (Ages 5 - 24 months)


Silicon juice feeder
Agafura juice feeder helps prevent choking (by food) as it pushes the food through a 100% non-toxic silicon feeder. Also, helps preserve the vitamins in food for your baby's well-being. 

* product name and model name: Agafura juice feeder

2 KC certificated : test report CT12-16296

3 Size: 2.1 in x 2.1 in x 5.2 in 

4 color: orange, yellow, green, pink

5 material: body-PE, juice feeder-silicon

6 Recommended age: 5 - 24 months 

7 the release date of the same model: 2011.03

8 manufacturer : Miyeong Inc.

9 Country of origin: Korea

10. how to use and precautions : 

- You can separate the silicon feeder and sterilize in boiling water

- Made sure to slice/dice the food a little bigger than the holes of the feeder. 

- Replace the feeder when it is damaged. 

- Must be used under adult supervision. 

- sterilize or clean the used feeder and then store it in a dry and clean place. 

11. Standard of quality assurance: exchange-return-refund possible within 14days after purchasing, /exchange to early defective goods; for customer service, please call: +82-31-234-9753

[Agafura] Silicone feeder (Ages 5 - 24 months)

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