[Agafura] Dr. Finger


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* product name and model name: Agafura Dr. finger
2 KC certificated : B141H084-4002/Korea Conformity Laboratories(KCL)
3 size, weight:: body 1.5 x 14.5cm/band 20 x 1.3cm/50g
4 color: white, yellow, purple
5 material: body-silicon/locking system-stainless
6 use age: 12 months~ 5 years old
7 the release date of the same model: 2014.08
8 manufacturer : Miyeong Inc.
9 country of manufacturing: the republic of korea
10. how to use and precautions
- Be cautious a child himself/herself doesn't unpack or throw away a doctor finger. Both of a mother and a baby/child should expand their efforts not to suck his/her fingers after putting on a Dr. finger. It needs to manage not to suck fingers under guardian supervision. When a child put a Dr. finger consistently for long time, it may happens a child's fingers are reddened or have got blisters. In that case, consult a doctor. Avoid direct sunlight and don't be close to fire. Refrain using a microwave when sterelizing it. Don't use other than a straightening machine to finger-sucking. Do it in 30 seconds when cleaning in boiling water.
11 the standard of quality assurance
In case there is something wrong with this product , you can cover by consumer injury compensation rule item by item, based on notification of Fair trade commission. But damages of product by consumer's carelessnes can not be covered.
12. A/S person in charge and telephone number: : 031-234-9753

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[Agafura] Dr. Finger


From 12month to 5 year-old child can easily use.
it is non-toxic, and made of silicone material.
It is the best way to rectify the bad habit of inger-sucking.

[Agafura] Dr. Finger

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